Shoe Drive Benefits Many

Staff Writer

In New Bremen 1,607 pairs of shoes, 3,214 shoes total, are being collected, tied together, bagged and set aside to be picked up later to help those in underprivileged areas. At the same time, those shoes will also help right there in New Bremen.
A shoe drive started on March 1 by the New Bremen Teachers Association (NBTA), and has students, parents and faculty collecting their gently used footwear and bringing it to the school.
Students in the cross categorical unit taught by Amy Burnett, Veronica Bell, Hilary Ashman and Amy Wilson then collect, pair and count the donated shoes that will eventually be picked up by Funds2Orgs.
The company offers a way for groups to raise money for their programs while also helping out those in need.
“This company sends them to underprivileged countries where they teach the people there how to start businesses and they teach them how to open shoe stores and sell shoes,” said Third Grade Teacher Jenny Perryman. “As they sell shoes they teach them how to buy restock from this company to get shoes for other people to buy … They’re doing mini-entrepreneurship.
“The shoes we get have to be decent shoes, there can’t be any holes in them. We take shoes, boots, dress shoes, tennis shoes, flip flops, whatever. We’ll take any kind of shoes as long as they don’t have wheels on them and they take them all.”