Sheriff's Office Probing Burglaries

Staff Writer

Investigators with the Auglaize County Sheriff’s Office are probing a string of burglaries that took place during the past few weeks.
In a news release, Auglaize County Sheriff Al Solomon said the burglaries have occurred over the last couple of weeks involving homes in the central and eastern part of Auglaize County.
Deputies and detectives have responded to six in the last couple of weeks. The homes are being entered by forcing a door or breaking the glass from the door. The suspects are then entering and taking items ranging from electronics to guns.
These are occurring during the day when people are normally at work. Deputies are asking anyone with information to contact the detectives at the sheriff’s office and urges residents to call 911 should there be a suspicious vehicle or people in their area.
“We want people to call even if they think it is nothing,” Solomon said. “We have had this before and even the smallest thing may lead to the identity of the suspects. We also would ask anyone who may have a tip on who the suspects are to please call. You can remain anonymous.”