Senior still weighing options

Staff Writer

Staff Writer
NEW BREMEN — Deciding on a college major can be a hard and difficult process. One senior at New Bremen High School is still weighing his options for the future.
Stuck between studying psychology, neurology or English, Micah Condon, 17, is still trying to decide which one he would like the best. His choice of major will help him decide which college he’ll attend as well.
“There’s so many cool things though, how can you decide?” Condon said. “The longest one I’ve been considering in psychology but I also like the others one just as much. I’ve applied for a few colleges but I’m not really sure. It depends on my major which one I would want to go to.”
So far he has applied to Cedarville University and is looking into Liberty University, Miami University, Purdue and Penn State. He mentioned that he liked the idea of a large university but also wanted a smaller classroom setting.
While he is still working on deciding what to do after high school, Condon is currently keeping himself busy with extracurricular activities and work. The son of Dan and LaRita Condon moved to New Bremen High School his junior year from Christian Academy in Sidney. He is a member of Spanish Club, Drama Club, cross country and plays the trumpet in the high school band. While he says he likes the competition aspects of cross country and band, he did say he does like band a little more than the rest.
“It was hard seeing Mr. Nellom go but I only had him for one year so I wasn’t really connected to him like the other seniors were, but I like them both,” he said of the recent change in band directors. “They both have their own strengths and weaknesses.”
Outside of school he spends time working at Dairy Queen and participating in his local youth group at Faith Alliance Church. He also likes hanging out with his friends, riding his bike, playing videos games such as Minecraft and Mario Kart as well as playing card games like Rummy.
When asked about who he admired the most he said he more so admires certain qualities in multiple people more than picking one singular person.
“Kind of like how Martin Luther King and Gandhi had great perseverance and patiences … even though I might not agree with all of their views,” he explained.
Even though there aren’t many people he admires, there are two teachers he has enjoyed having during his short time at New Bremen, Mrs. Newbright and Seniora Ross. What he likes about them is how they push their students. He also added that he just happens to like English and the communication aspects of both of their classes.
“I just love writing and stuff like that,” he said. “So for a paper I’m not like, ‘dang it,’ it’s more like, ‘oh yeah I can show off my skills now.’ And sometimes I do procrastinate but it’s like that last minute type of thing, that’s when I do my best work.
“I’ll sit there like five days before and get a sentence out and it’s not even that good. But then I get to the night before and it’s eloquent and all that. I didn’t choose this but I always do  better at the spur of the moment or last minute under pressure rather than when I don’t really have anything to push me there.”
With that said he advises younger students at New Bremen avoid procrastination as much as possible because it, “typically doesn’t work.”