School Wall Showcases Performing Arts Wing

NEW KNOXVILLE — Band, choir and theater students at New Knoxville Local School are being recognized with a wall displaying their accomplishments.

The performing arts wall, which is located near the conference rooms, has been painted red and gray and features pictures from past theater performances and awards for the band and choir.

Nancy Fiegel said the idea for the wall spurred from a talk she had with a parent.

“I have a parent who is really into photography, and he has given me photos from the performances,” she said, noting he approached her about somehow recognizing students in performing arts. “It was a conversation he and I had about showing them off.”

Fiegel enlisted the help of last year’s spring production director to develop the idea.

“We came up with the concept,” she said, noting she actually put the wall together after her helper had moved.

The wall has four sections that display different theater productions.

“Right now, the last four years are up there,” Fiegel said. “When I do the production in October, the oldest one will be replaced with what I’ve got coming this fall.”

The wall will be changed with each new production, allowing more students to be photographed and recognized for their work.

“With it being a rotating design, it’ll always be fresh,” she said. “It’s a way to recognize the students in performing arts.”

In addition to a handful of pictures from each production, a list of the cast and crew is also displayed.

“We really tried to represent a lot of students in the pictures, not just the leads in the dramas,” Fiegel said. “The cast and crew are also listed in a frame at the top of the display, so if they didn’t get in a picture, they’re recognized for their participation in the show.”

In addition to the four theater sections, a fifth section displays the many awards of the choir and band students.

“Every year, they give those awards out, so it’s a history of who were the outstanding musical students,” Fiegel said.

Fiegel said she was pleased with how the wall turned out and was happy to be able to recognize the students in performing arts.

“It turned out really nice,” she said. “I’m really pleased with it.”