Sales To Wrap Today

ST. MARYS — A local church and school are again offering its annual garage sale that spans multiple rooms at the school building, with sales wrapping up this afternoon.

The annual Holy Rosary Garage Sale kicked off on Thursday. Peg Larkin, who organizes the sale with Sue Halko, noted they stayed open later on Thursday.

“We stay open later on Thursdays with it being the first day,” Larkin said, noting the sale was open until 4 p.m. Friday. “We’ll be here from 8 to noon on Saturday.”

The garage sale, she added, is usually held the week before the Holy Rosary Festival, with 2011’s sale as an exception.

“We try to have the week before, but like last year school was out later, and so they had the festival and then we had the garage sale,” she said. “We try to have the garage sale the week before the festival if we can.”

The items that packed Holy Rosary School for the sale were donated by parish members and from community members.

“We’ll except anything from anyone who brings something in,” Larkin said.

She noted a few of the items at this year’s sale.

“We have furniture, clothing, small appliances, toys, shoes, purses, knickknacks, tools,” she said. “We had a very good Thursday. A lot went out, but we still have a lot of things.”

Larkin noted they started amassing items for the sale once school let out.

“We set up last Thursday, the last day of school,” she said. “We got everything ready in the building, and we started accepting last Friday and then through the weekend. Tuesday was the last day we accepted, and that gave us Wednesday to make sure everything was priced and displayed well and clean up the halls.”

She estimated there are 40 volunteers who’ve helped with sorting, displaying, working and those who come in when the sale is finished to help box up the items.

“We’re thankful for the people who have purchased, for those who have donated,” Larkin said. “You need a lot of people to have this done.”

She credited the volunteers who help organize, set up, man and set down the sale.

“We have a lot of excited people,” she said. “There are a lot of young people who’ve helped this year, too.”

The leftover items will be donated, Larkin said.

“The stuff that we have left over, goes different ways,” she said. “It all goes to people who have purchased from us, things that they need and can use, and the rest of it will go to either St. Vincent de Paul or Appalachia.”

All the proceeds from the Holy Rosary Garage Sale, as well as the Holy Rosary Festival, go to benefit Holy Rosary School.

Holy Rosary Festival will run next weekend — opening on Friday and running through Sunday.