Riders Enjoy Fun In The Sun

ST. MARYS — Students at the Intermediate School enjoyed a field day Tuesday by playing dodgeball in the gym, enjoying popsicles and water on the playground, as well as hula hoops, water balloons and multiple blow-up slides and obstacle courses.

With the last day of school approaching and summer around the corner, the students were full of energy and appreciated the day of fun with their friends.

Kennedi Burd, who was hula hooping with her friend and fellow fifth-grader, Shia Salisbury, said her favorite part of field day is the obstacle course.

“You have to run through things that stand up and then you have to jump over them,” she said.

Shia said her favorite part was yet to come — the water balloon toss.

“We’ve done it for the past three years so I know how it goes,” she said.

Nathaniel Hernandez, also a fifth-grader, said the water balloon toss is his favorite, too.

“I like to get wet, because sometimes in the summer I go to swim meets,” he said.

“I would have to say this one,” Alayna Thornsberry said when her group was done with the water balloons, “because you get wet.”

Jayde Snook said her favorite is the giant tiger slide.

“I like wild animals, so it’s been my thing,” she said. “I’ve been learning about them a lot.”

Leah Walter, a fourth-grader, said she liked the blow-ups and the break station.

“You get popsicles and water,” she said.

“(I like) the obstacle course,” Mizuki Yamane said, noting that it is also challenging. “This is my first field day.”

Austin Hertenstein said the water balloon toss is probably his favorite part of field day.

“Whenever the water balloon pops, you get wet,” he said.

Ali Burd, a fourth-grader, also said she loved the water balloons, and the saber-tooth tiger slide.

“My favorite part of field day is the water balloon toss and dodgeball,” Noah Storer said.

Kiley Tenant said she liked the obstacle course, which is called “Adrenaline Rush.”

Savanna Cox, a fifth-grader, said the slides are her favorite part of field day, and classmate Emily Stapleton said she liked the water balloon toss.

“I like the obstacle course and the water balloon toss,” Kalie Gayer said.

Cheyenne Martin agreed.

The activities were manned by volunteer parents. Julie Speckman and Kara Birt, the parent volunteers officiating the dodgeball games, said the kids love field day every year.

“It gives the kids an opportunity to have fun when they’ve worked so hard all year,” Birt said.