Rider Relishes Time On Gridiron

ST. MARYS — Roughrider senior Adam Brown’s football career will soon come to an end, but not before he finishes his last season with the rest of the varsity team.

Football has been a big part of his life since he was 9, and it was always something he wanted to play. Brown’s relatives are all big football fans, he said, and he found it interesting. The most difficult aspect to the game is learning the plays, which are complicated and involved.

“Every play is designed for a touchdown, but if one person doesn’t (do) their job, then there’s no touchdown,” Brown said.

Brown plays defensive back for the Roughriders, and has started on the varsity team since his sophomore year. This is something Brown is proud of, and he said he has improved immensely since his freshman year. Brown’s job is to make sure the wide receivers on the other team don’t catch the ball. The position requires a lot of running, but Brown rises to the challenge.

“I’m good at it,” Brown said. “It’s what I’ve always played.”

This season started off rough, he said, but the team’s strength is that it plays well together. Brown said he knows all 53 of his teammates, and said they are all close.

“We definitely have the team skills together,” Brown said.

“We’ve just got to lower our mistakes.”

Brown does not plan on playing football in college, so he will miss the fun times he has had playing with his teammates. He will also miss the tradition of Friday night games and the immense support his team receives from the St. Marys community.

His hope for the team this year is that they give every play 100 percent of their effort, not stopping until the referee blows the whistle.

Next week is their big rivalry game against Celina, whose football team is pretty good, Brown said. He would feel “ecstatic” if the Roughriders came away with a win, something they haven’t done since his sophomore year. Personally, Brown is hoping to be named first-team All WBL.

“It would just show that all my hard work paid off,” Brown said.