Rider Looks To The Future

ST. MARYS — Senior Tyler Parent is about as involved as a student can be at St. Marys Memorial High School — the 17-year-old participates in soccer, the marching band, the concert band, bowling and tennis.

Parent plays outside midfield on the Roughrider soccer team, and has had some exciting moments this past season.

“I took the corner kicks for the team and there was a joke that I was the specialist,” he said. “I think the greatest moment of that year either had to have been beating OG, who was ranked in the state or beating Bath five to nothing when they were ranked third in the state.”

In the marching band, Parent plays baritone. He will be part of the group that is traveling to Florida to march in the Citrus Bowl Parade next week. He plays the alto saxophone for the school’s concert choir.

Outside of school, Parent also is active.

“I like to fish and we used to go camping a lot, and I really like bowling,” he said. “It’s a family thing — it’s a mental game. You don’t really need to have a lot of physical talent. But you have to be able to focus. And you’ve got to be able to repeat the same shot time after time. Plus, it gets really competitive.”

High school has been a busy, fun-filled four years for Parent, and he will miss many things about it.

“(I’ll miss) getting to see my friends every day,” he said. “You have friends of every class that you go to school with, not just seniors — there are some juniors and sophomores; and when you graduate, you go off to college and, I mean you might see some of your senior friends, but you don’t see a lot of those people.  And you definitely don’t get to see your sophomore or junior friends.”

He said the most prominent thing he has learned from high school is that four years can pass in the blink of an eye. After graduation, Parent plans to attend Wright State University in Dayton, but as of now is not certain as to what he will study.

“I really like mathematics,” he said. “I thought about doing engineering, or education.

Although he will dearly miss high school, his friends, and being so involved, Parent is looking forward to living in a big city and experiencing new things. The idea of college does not intimidate him.

“(I’m excited about) getting out and being able to go off on my own and fend for myself— having a lot more freedom in general,” he said.

He is already planning in being involved in college as well.

“I might play pickup games of soccer, and I heard that Wright State has a bowling team, so I might try out for that,” Parent said.

Although Parent is not certain exactly where the next four years will take him, he plans to have things figured out by the time college graduation rolls around.

“I’d like to go into civil engineering,” Parent said. “Pretty much they’re the ones that get the plans together for when they stat doing city projects like building roads and bridges. They figure out, ‘Where would be the best spot to build this,’ and how much materials it’s going to take. They do all the basic planning. I’m taking calculus right now and my calculus teacher told me a lot of engineering uses calculus. And I love math.”