Rider Excels in Arts, Languages

ST. MARYS — For Memorial High School senior Rider Hannah Langsdon, life is art.

The school’s art club is Langsdon’s haven, and she said she takes her responsibility as a leader in it very seriously.

“The seniors are kind of like the presidents of the club,” Langsdon said. “So all the seniors are in charge, and they help out with the younger kids. We make sure that there’s no bad behavior in our club — we’re there to be ourselves, not make everybody else feel bad.”

Langsdon, 18, helps organize the various projects the art club does.

“Right now we’re doing a Christmas gift exchange, which we’re going to do during Rider time, and in the winter we paint storefront windows with Christmas themes, and stuff like that,” she said. “They’ve painted the hotel across from Shell by Dairy Queen. They painted along Spring Street. We all get some paint and we’ll mix them up so it’ll wipe off easy, and then we’ll all divide into groups and go out and paint whatever they want.”

Art “fits” her, she said.

“I just love art,” Langsdon said. “I’ve been in art classes since I can remember. I make a lot of friends, and you can just do whatever you want and make whatever you want, in any kind of style, any kind of media, any kind of medium. I like using just sketchbooks and pencils and just draw. People, landscapes, anything I feel like drawing. Anything that comes to me.”

A perfectionist, Langsdon said she always picks apart her work.

“I’m very critical of my work,” she said. “I somehow always pick out what I don’t like and it kind of ruins it for me. I’m kind of a perfectionist when it comes to my pieces.”

Outside of school, Langsdon is a lifeguard at Otterbein Life Enrichment Center, and has been since February of this year. She likes that it is both practical and fun.

“I can work basically at any pool,” Langsdon said. “I can work at college when I go. Plus, it’s fun. You get to meet new people.”

Langsdon said she hopes to study English and Latin Education at Miami of Ohio, which would allow her to teach either subject. She also is thinking about minoring in art. Langsdon has taken two years of Latin at Memorial High School, and is crazy about the “dead” language.

“My teacher makes it really fun, so it just kind of makes me feel smarter that I know this,” Langsdon said. “If I don’t know a word, I can pick out  a root and I’ll know what it is. Because basically all words are related to Latin somehow.”

Langsdon said she is passionate about sharing her love for Latin with others, which is why she wants to teach the language.

“It’s useful,” she said. “Some people say it’s not, but you can pick out words — your vocabulary expands, you learn proper grammar. It just helps in everyday life. I want people to be able to enjoy it.”

Aside from pursuing her dream job, Langsdon said she is excited about college for the experiences and variety of people it will bring to her life. Come graduation time, though, she plans on returning to Memorial High School to teach, in hopes of bettering a community she knows and loves.