Rider Enjoys Being A Leader

ST. MARYS — Being a leader is nothing new for Neil Perry, who says he enjoys challenges and bettering himself.

“My sense to always push myself to do things I’ve never done before and the way I live my life for God,” the Memorial High School senior said of what sets him apart from his peers.

Perry, who is a captain on the football team and has also taken on leadership roles in FCA and Teens for Christ, said he enjoys the responsibility that comes with being a leader, a trait noted that runs in the family.

“I’m captain of the football team,” Perry said. “I’m the fourth Perry captain — my dad and my two older brothers were captain — so I have big shoes to fill, but I’m always looking for new challenges and ways to be the best I can be.”

In addition to football, Perry is also involved in wrestling, track, FCA, Drama Club and National Honor Society, among other groups at Memorial High School. Outside of school, Perry is involved at his church, St. Marys Church of the Nazarene, and Teens for Christ. When thinking about what he likes most about being a student at St. Marys City Schools, Perry pointed to the people.

“The sense of community,” he said. “I know everyone and everyone knows me. We’re close.”

Perry plans to attend college after graduation in May and is considering majoring in mechanical engineering. He noted he will miss his classmates after leaving high school.

“I’ve made so many friends in this high school,” he said. “Once I start over, I’ll miss all my friends.”

In addition to his passion for religion and sports, Perry also has an interest in music.

“I love listening to music,” he said. “I listen to everything, but I grew up listening to 80’s rock. Bon Jovi is probably one of my favorite groups.”

Perry advised underclassmen to enjoy the time they have in high school and to reach for their goals.

“Don’t hate life, just enjoy what you have,” he said. “Always do the things that you wish you could do.”

Perry, 17, is the son of Jeff and Julie Perry. He has six siblings, Keith, Joel, Jenna, Sean, Jodi and Kevin, and a dog, Molly.

— This is part of a senior feature series to appear in The Evening Leader on Saturdays, showcasing members of the 2012-13 St. Marys Memorial High School senior class.