Remnants Could Hit Area

ST. MARYS — After pounding the Gulf Coast earlier this week, the remnants of Hurricane Isaac are expected to reach Auglaize County later today.

“We’ve been looking at it and studying this thing all week,” Auglaize County EMA Director Troy Anderson told The Evening Leader. “There are so many different models and scenarios right now.”

Anderson said he expected the outer bands of the storm to reach the area by late afternoon or early evening and dump between a quarter of an inch up to 2 inches. However, Anderson said it is more likely the storm would bring approximately an inch of precipitation.

“The heaviest rain will be down near Cincinnati — we’ll more than likely get the outer bands,” Anderson said. “That 2 inches is the worst-case scenario. We will probably be around a quarter of an inch to 1 inch. I don’t want to see 2 inches in one day because it will create other issues.”

Heavy rains coupled with dry land could result in flooding issues. Anderson said a light rain would allow the ground to soak up precipitation without the threat of flooding.

“My concern is if we get that amount of rain in a short period of time, it could cause flooding,” Anderson said.

“Right now, the ground is like asphalt and it will take longer to get into the ground. If we get 2 inches of rain on asphalt, you will have a tendency to have flooding.”

Another threat the storm could bring is the possibility of a tornado.

“There is always the potential for tornadoes because of the unstability,” Anderson said.

“If you look at the radar, one minute a scan could show a funnel or rotation and 20 seconds later, it will be gone. That’s how short lived it could be. If we do see something, it will be no greater than an EF-0 — just a short-lived tornado that touches down or a funnel.”

Anderson said he planned to monitor the weather throughout the weekend.

“We are on stand-by,” Anderson said.

“We are going to be sitting back and seeing what happens. Hopefully it will just be rain and there won’t be any winds or tornadoes.”