Rangers Show Off Talents

NEW KNOXVILLE — Raylee Smith, Bobby Fu, Carly and Haley Fledderjohann and Morgan Leffel rounded out the top three performances in the Spanish Club Talent Show Thursday afternoon, as Rangers showed off a slew of talents for the annual event.

Dana Miles kicked off this year’s event, singing “Everyone Has a Song” while playing the bells.

“Everyone has a song,” Dana sang. “No one can steal it, for it is yours.”

Carly, Haley and Morgan tumbled on the stage next to “Footloose,” earning constant cheers from the crowd as they did cartwheels, flips and a variety of dance moves across the stage in their matching outfits.

Raylee followed the tumbling trio, singing “Santa Can You See Me?” as the rowdy Rangers clapped to the beat.

Two Spanish club members narrated the event, introducing each contestant and attempting to impress their fellow Rangers with their elephant jokes. The two also encouraged the crowd to get into the performances.

“Everybody has to get out of their seat for this one,” the Spanish Club member said, before Maddi Luck took the stage.

Maddi’s performance of “Big Night” quickly got Rangers out of their seats, as the little gym erupted with dancing students, laughter and some singing along to the upbeat song.

After the song, one of the narrators applauded the dancing of the elementary students.

“Elementary students, you guys did awesome,” he said. “High school, see me after the show. You guys need some dance tips.”

The Rangers’ talents ranged from singing, dancing and playing instruments.

A mix of holiday songs, such as “Little Elf’s Christmas,” “Winter Wonderland” and “My Favorite Things” was mixed with a variety of Billboard songs, including “Someone Like You,” “Drops of Jupiter” and “Cupid Shuffle.”

Fu kept the energy in the little gym high with his break-dancing routine, before a skit took the stage.

The teachers rounded out the list of performances, singing their song “12 Things I Would Like to See at New Knoxville.”

“The 12th thing at Knoxville that I would like to see, state champs in football, no extra duties, more reading journals, Pizza Hut on Fridays, WiFi in our school, no PDA, iPads for all students, five snow days, two-hour lunches, no students whining, more school delays and Mrs. Tebbe in a pair of torn jeans,” the teachers sang.

To conclude the teachers’ performance, Tebbe entered the stage in a torn pair of jeans to the delight of the students.

At the end of the show, Fu, Raylee and Carly, Haley and Morgan were named the first, second and third place winners of the show, respectively.