Rangers Show Off Talents

NEW KNOXVILLE — Performers in the rescheduled New Knoxville talent show benefitted from several weeks of extra practice that allowed them to shine Friday afternoon in front of friends and family.

The show, originally scheduled for Dec. 21, was canceled because of a snow day. However, the performers brought back the holidays with numbers like Dylan Koening’s falsetto rendition of “Oh Holy Night,” sign language to “Snowflakes on Ice” by Liberty Menke and Lauren Blitch, Joelle Delisle and Skylar Hough’s “Up on the House Top” and Alysha Katterheinrich’s performance to “Shake It Santa.” Hough followed with a solo of “Grand Ol’ Flag.”

The show was judged, with Jessie Samuel winning first place belting out the Adele pop song “Someone Like You” accompanied by host Andrew Mackie on the guitar.

Several high school performers showcased musical talent with Mackie as backup, including Morgan Spevak who played her viola to “Safe and Sound” and tied for second place, and Becca Newton who brought back hard rock hit “Free Falling.”

Spevak said Mackie picked the song for the performance, but she hoped the audience was inspired. “(The song) is about music sending a message,” she said.

Co-host Michael Portman told a number of intentionally bad jokes for the performance, with groaners like “What’s the math teacher’s favorite dessert? Pie!”

He also wore his leopard print pajamas for the performance, joking that he’d overslept before the show.

The younger performers included gymnastic and dance combinations like a Buckeye-themed “Let’s Get Ready to Rumble,” which included a nod to several Ohio teams with baseball, basketball, and even soccer moves, while tumbler/dancers Natalie Kuck, Elaine Roby and Lola Thompson performed to “I Want.”

Roby said she did the choreography, which the group practiced through winter break.

“We all love dancing,” Roby said.

A four person rock band also tied for second place and included Chase Navilleo, Caleb Yeatts, Cameron Beckett and Jeffery Brogan playing “House of the Rising Sun” on the drums, two guitars and a harmonica.

Third place ties were between Alysha Katterheinrich with “Shake It Santa” and Madi Luck, who had the crowd on their feet and danced with impromptu backup dancers when she performed “Elevate.” Audrey Stachler and Abby Maggi also sang a duet that they finished with a hug.

A large group of seventh-grade singers came together near the end for “Smelly Locker,” an original song performed to the tune of “Frere Jacques.”

Co-director Kristin Roessner said students have been practicing since November.