Rangers Bleed For Others

NEW KNOXVILLE — New Knoxville Local School students and staff joined together to save approximately 90 lives Friday morning by donating 15 minutes of their time to donate blood, as the school hosted its annual Red Cross blood drive.

The New Knoxville Student council organized the annual drive, bringing approximately 30 students and staff members to the little gym at New Knoxville Local School. According to the Red Cross, three lives are saved with each donation. Every two seconds, according to the Red Cross, a blood transfusion is needed.

Student Council President Gabbi Kuck said donating blood is important because it saves lives.

“It’s important to give to the people around you,” Kuck said. “It’s something that’s easy to do, and it saves lives.”

When they arrived at the gym, donors were greeted with granola bars and water, and were also treated with drinks and snacks after their donation. Four donation stations were set up in the little gym for donors, along with an area for students to wait for a station to become available or to rest after their donation if they felt lightheaded. Students over the age of 17 that weighed more than 110 pounds were eligible to donate.

Junior Lydia Felty donated blood for the first time Friday. She said she decided to participate in the drive to save lives.

“Knowing that I could save peoples’ lives is a really cool thing,” she said.

As she was preparing to donate, she said she was a little nervous.

“Not too much though,” she said of her level of anxiety.

Junior Emily Driskill also donated blood for the first time, and said it did hurt a little but it was worth it. Driskill said she donated to help save lives as well.

“It’s a great cause,” she said of why she decided to participate in the blood drive.

Sophomore Wesley Meyer, also a first-time donor, said donating blood and organ donation was important to him after a family member passed.

“I became an organ donor and decided to give blood to help people,” he said as he pumped his fist during his donation.

After their donation, students were able to return to their classes and finish their day.

For more information on blood donations and the Red Cross, visit RedCrossBlood.org.