Program Touts Arts

NEW BREMEN — Area children were able to participate in the arts as part of the first-ever combined Arts in the Parks day in New Bremen this weekend.

On Saturday, Arts Place’s Arts in the Parks hosted three back-to-back events at Lock One in New Bremen.

“We have done that before — it works pretty good, especially on a Saturday, being at a festival or a at a farmers’ market where the kids are all in one place, but it was the first time we’ve done it on a Saturday in New Bremen,” Arts Place Education Director Heidi Meade said.

The programs, which were sponsored by Minster Bank and the New Bremen-New Knoxville Rotary Club, kicked off at 10:30 a.m. with the Musical Petting Zoo, followed by Tie Dye at 12:30 p.m. and Animals on the Loose at 2:30 p.m.

During Musical Petting Zoo, Teresa Richter, Everett Kalcec and Laura Vogler presented different instruments with the children.

“It’s just an experience that’s hands-on,” Richter said. “It could be their first opportunity of being able to see an instrument up close, to touch it.”

Richter encouraged the students to not judge an instrument — such as not trying it because it looked too heavy.

“Experience some of that, how you put your mouth on the instrument — you can experience it and touch it and see what the sounds are like.”

Kalcec noted they also teach the children about the different instrument families.

“We talk about them first, and then we demonstrate the instruments,” he said. “Everybody will get a chance to do a little bit with them, we’ll do as much as we can.”

Richter told the students she has been in music for more than 35 years and teaches piano in New Bremen, while Kalcec told them he is a band director and music teacher.

“I teach lessons with Arts Place on all of these instruments,” he said.

He also told the students that music is a language.

“Music has a part that you hear and create — that’s sound — and music has a part that’s written,” he said before demonstrating a scale on different instruments.

The children had an opportunity to play with a French horn, flute, trumpet, saxophone, trombone, clarinet and various percussion instruments.

During the Arts in the Parks day, children could have pre-registered or joined on Saturday.

“We had close to 100 kids register,” Meade noted.

She added the Arts in the Parks day was scheduled to coincide with the holiday weekend.

“We partnered with the (Southwestern Auglaize County) Chamber of Commerce to create a fun-filled day for the Father’s Day weekend,” she said.