Pit Bulls Attack Celina Man

CELINA — The Celina Police responded to a call of a subject being attacked by a pit bull at 4:22 p.m. Friday.

Officers arrived to find the victim was in a basement of a home at 214 Elm St. The attack was ongoing as officers arrived and the victim was pinned in the far corner of the basement by the dogs involved.One of the dogs was hanging on his left leg and he could not reach the basement stairs.

As they entered the basement, officers found the victim against the opposite wall. Two dogs were biting him at that time. While they had initially drawn their service weapons as a precaution, the close confines of the basement created a dangerous situation had a weapon been discharged. Officers used pepper spray to fend off the attacking dogs and hold them at bay while the victim was helped up the stairs to a waiting emergency squad.

The dogs were them locked in the basement until the Mercer County Dog Warden was able to respond and take them into custody. One adult female pit bull and three pit bull mixed pups were taken from the home. A fourth pit bull mixed pup that was in a dog pen at the time of the attack was left at the home.

The victim was found to be Douglas Thomas, 55.  He was a resident of the home where the attack took place, but the dogs belonged to his stepson, Kevin D. Weaver, 30, who is also a resident of the home. He suffered from bite injuries to his lower left leg, right ring finger and left forearm. The injuries included puncture wounds along with torn skin and tissue. He was transported to Joint Township District Memorial Hospital in St. Marys, but later transferred to Lima Memorial Hospital for surgery. He is currently listed in stable condition.

From statements gathered at the scene it appears Thomas was checking on the pup that was in the dog pen, which had recently been treated by a vet. The adult female pit bull, mother of all the younger dogs in the basement, was chewing on the dog pen when he walked downstairs. As he walked towards the pen, the mother pit bull turned and attacked him.  One of the other three pups, which were all loose in the basement, joined in the attack. The dogs will be held by the Mercer County Dog Warden for the quarantine period required by law. The Celina Police investigation was turned over to the Mercer County Health Department.