Pair Opens Pottery Shop

NEW BREMEN — Two New Bremen natives have started a business that lets them add a personal touch to pottery.

Sisters Amy Heitkamp and Julie Rismiller started Piggy Prints Pottery back in March, after one sister returned to the area. The company offers hand-painted pottery for keepsakes.

“She’s lived in Alabama for eight years,” Heitkamp said of Rismiller. “A friend of hers had a similar-type business — about five years ago, we went to a party and we had Christmas plates made for my girls, and we were hooked. We talked and said if she ever moved back here, we’d do a business because there’s nothing around here like it.”

The idea stuck in the sisters’ heads, and when Rismiller moved to Sidney, the two took action.

“She moved back here, and we got started,” Heitkamp said.

Piggy Prints Pottery is based out of Heitkamp’s New Bremen home, and they are available only by appointment.

“They can contact us by phone or by e-mail,” Heitkamp said. “We have done some painting parties at Topsy Turvy Toys — they’ve been gracious to let us use their back room.”

Rismiller noted the business is on Facebook.

“If they want to friend us on Facebook, they can e-mail us and there’s pictures of our items,” she said.

Rismiller said they will also come to a person’s home for a personal pottery party.

“We have incentives, like if someone wants to host a party,” she said.

“They can receive free or discounted pottery,” Heitkamp added.

Piggy Prints Pottery encompasses multiple avenues for a person to choose from for their personal item.

“We have quite a few different varieties of pieces,” Rismiller said. “We have different plates, two different mugs, plaques, platters, cookie jars, crosses.”

Heitkamp noted they will have different items for the holiday season.

“We have pendants, too,” she said. “We can put the kid’s thumbprint on it to make snowmen or angels.”

They also have items for other occasions.

“We have coaster sets for weddings,” Rismiller said. “We have monogrammed platters and personalized mugs.”

“It’s not just hand prints and footprints,” Heitkamp added.

The two said they can personalize any of their items for any occasion.

“We’re open to do anything we can,” Rismiller said. “We do wedding gifts, baby shower gifts.”

For a baby shower gift, Heitkamp said, the pair can personalize the item with the nursery colors and birth date, or for a wedding gift, they could put a last name scripted across a platter.

“We can do bigger handprints, we can do any age,” she said. “Really we can do anything, the options are endless.”

Rismiller said the items are “unique home decor” that marks life’s moments.

“Time goes by so fast after you have a child,” she said. “You have a lot of intents, a lot of things you want to do that you don’t get around to doing — hopefully this gives families an idea to capture those moments.”

Besides for children, the pottery can also make a gift centered around someone’s hobby — like the flowered plate and mug for a grandmother who enjoyed gardening.

“They are memories of different activities you like to do, things that signify you has a person, a person’s personality,” Rismiller said.

The two said they are open to hearing a client’s ideas and will work with them on a design.

“They can present an idea — like they say they want to do something Buckeye, and we can show them something that we’ve done and come up with something,” Rismiller said.

During their appointment, all a client will see will be their handprint or footprint.

“We’ll add embellishments or decorations,” Heitkamp said. “Four weeks later, they’ll see the details when they pick it up.”

The pieces range from $15 to $65 plus tax, with the labor, paint and pottery included in the price.

The sisters noted they will be participating in the Southwestern Auglaize County Chamber of Commerce’s German Family Christmas event in November.

“It’s not too early to be thinking about Christmas,” Heitkamp said.

She noted they will be taking Christmas orders until Nov. 13.

For more information about Piggy Prints Pottery, prospective clients can contact Heitkamp and Rismiller at