Overman returns to NBHS 13 years later

Jenna Gilbert
Staff Writer

After spending a couple years away from the nest, 2005 graduate of New Bremen High School has come home to the place he has always dreamed of raising a family and working, however this time he is walking the halls with a different title: principal.
The first day for the returned Cardinal, Marcus Overman, went well he said. Overman mentioned that he spent part of his first day popping into classrooms and was excited to see teachers already starting on the curriculum.
“The students are great, they’re super welcoming,” Overman said. “I had an opening day meeting with the seventh and eighth graders this afternoon. I will be having one with the high school students tomorrow. It went as well as one possibly could imagine.”
The opening meeting he had with students covered some handbook materials, like cell phone policies and expected lunch time behavior. He also discussed with the students two words he wants to focus on for the school year, respect and effort. He also plans to discuss the meaning behind those words with the high school students on Thursday.
“I just really tried to drive home that if you show the right amount of respect to yourself and to your peers and to your teachers and to the building and to the community, if you pair that with the right amount of effort, basically your potential is limitless,” Overman mentioned.
While he is no stranger to the district, coming to the schools at a young age, Overman isn’t planning on making or enforcing too many new rules and policies. He said he wants to take more of a back seat roll and observe how the staff and administration work. Any changes he does make he says will be small in order to let the students and faculty get used to who he is, then down the road start to make bigger changes.
“The staff and the students are great here in this community, we’re lucky to have them so it’s not like I need to come in a change a whole lot because what they’re doing works and that’s proven with test scores that we have and the great students that we have,” he said.
Before coming back to New Bremen, Overman taught for several years away from the district before moving to back five years ago and settling down with his wife and three children. For two years, he the principal at Fort Recovery High School in Mercer County.
Although he said he loved his position at Fort Recovery High School and the people that he worked with, the drive time to and from was something he thought might become an issue once his children started participating in extracurriculars.
“I thought that with my [kids] who are getting older — and time isn’t going to slow down — if they’re going to be involved with sports or band or whatever that happens to be so I figured being in the district and working in the district would allow me to be at those events a lot easier than if I had to attend games and extracurriculars at another location,”
So when the position at New Bremen opened up it was a dream come true he said. It was always a goal for him to come back and work in New Bremen. When former Principal Brian Pohl announced his decision to move on, Overman took his shot.
“Overall I just can’t believe that it all came available and it all came together this early in my career but it did and I hope for many good years here,” Overman said. “Many, many, many good years here.”
While he is with the district, Overman hopes to be able to share his pride with the students and faculty in hopes of rubbing some of that pride off on them. Because of growing up in the area he hopes to also be able to share the history of the community with students as well in hopes that they will also feel the same sense of pride in New Bremen that he does. He is eager to get to know the students as well. Having graduated 13 years age he said that he see a lot of new faces and names that are different from the ones he saw growing up. Getting to know the students is an important part of being a community member Overman said because students are a “cherished possession.”
“Getting to know them and having a relationship with them, is what I’m most excited about because I know my kids growing up are going to look up to these kids,” Overman said. “So I want to be able to introduce my kids to the students that are here that my kids see on a daily basis on the football field, or basketball court or in the band or whatever it is.
“Just being able to be at the swimming pool or the grocery store and just being able to say hi to the kids as they walk by and know who they are.”
Overman said many factors influenced his decisions to pursue teaching as a career, one being the teachers he had growing up in New Bremen. He said watching them everyday and seeing them motivate students was his first introduction into the idea of becoming an educator. He said he also liked the idea how they weren’t confined to a cubicle all day.
His next push came when he discovered his love for math. Then came the aspect of potentially coaching as he participated in sports in high school and in college. The last push came from watching his dad who taught in the district for many years.
“The final straw was my dad was a long time teacher and administrator and just seeing what he had to do on a daily basis and the joy that he had out of working with the staff and students,” Overman remembered.