Official Talks Projects

NEW KNOXVILLE — New Knoxville Village Councilors met Tuesday night to hear an update from the village administrator and pass a list of ordinances.

In his report to the board, Village Administrator Rex Katterheinrich updated councilors on an excavation project.

“He (the excavator) worked about two days out in the industrial park,” he said. “When we bought the property, there were quite a few pine trees out there, and they really blocked the view into the industrial park. We had a lot of other old concrete and asphalt and fill material that was really looking bad out there, so we got that all cleaned up.”

He noted the area looks better after the clean-up.

“I would encourage you to drive out there and take a look,” Katterheinrich said. “I think it looks a lot nicer, a lot cleaner.”

Katterheinrich said he also is looking into another project in the village.

“We are doing some storm sewer investigation,” he said. “There’s been some areas, particularly on the west side of the town — one out by Bielefeld Street and the other at the intersection of South and Walnut streets — continue to be problematic.”

Mayor Keith Leffel noted the village police department recently created a Facebook page.

“It’s another communication tool,” Leffel said. “They can put updates, warnings, a flood watch — stuff like that.”

Councilors met in executive session to discuss wages, and when they reconvened into regular session, Leffel said councilors decided to hold wages where they are, except for one group of employees. Electric department workers will receive one hour of pay on days that they are on call. Councilors also awarded a village employee for her work this year.

“The council has decided to give (Fiscal Officer) Janet (Hall) a $600 bonus for her extra work this year,” Leffel said.

He noted that the council appreciates the work of the village employees.

“We have a very, very good staff of workers and we appreciate all that they do,” he said.

In other business, councilors:

• Approved the Nov. 8 meeting minutes.

• Approved the meeting’s modified agenda.

• Approved a pay ordinance.

• Approved the second reading of the 2012 appropriations.

• Approved the second reading of an ordinance authorizing the transfer of $15,266.22 from the water operating (5101) to the water debt service (5723).

• Approved the second reading of an ordinance authorizing the transfer of $52,300 from the general fund to the sinking fund for the industrial park loan.

• Approved the second reading of an ordinance to waive the second and third readings on pay ordinances.

• Approved the second reading of the income tax allocations.

• Approved the second reading of an ordinance approving the purchase of Christmas gifts, not to exceed $1,000, as a proper public purpose and waived the third reading.

• Approved, as an emergency, an appropriations amendment to increase electric by 24,000 and decrease 4903 by $1,000 from $45,000 to $44,000.

• Approved the first reading of an ordinance to hire Village Solicitor Jason This.

The New Knoxville Village Council will hold its year end meeting at 5:30 p.m. Dec. 29. The next regular meeting will be held at 7:30 p.m. Jan. 10.