NKPD Offers Serivce

NEW KNOXVILLE — A service is now available to New Knoxville residents and businesses interested in looking into their security.

The New Knoxville Police Department is offering a security service to help village residents and businesses make their property safer. The police department offers security surveys, in which officers will walk through and evaluate the security of a property, based on a list of items.

“We’re primarily checking basic things,” New Knoxville Police Chief Eric Morris said. “Is there tall shrubbery in front of the windows or is it close to the door where people can hide, if they have motion lights or an alarm system, is it well-lit around their house,  do they have a safety plan or exit plan that their family can go over — things like that.”

He noted that officers have a form to reference when evaluating a property.

“It goes through each category and we will mark it as we go through the house,” Morris said.

Residents and business owners will receive suggestions to make their property more secure following the survey.

Morris said the police department decided to offer the service after a training program.

“We went to a training that talked about them, and I did some research on them, and they seemed to be effective,” he said. “We wanted to make people in the village safer so they can better protect themselves.”

The surveys, Morris noted, are available to any New Knoxville resident or business free of charge.

“It’s pretty simple,” he said. “It’s something to help them and hopefully they can make themselves better protected from burglaries.”

For more information, contact the New Knoxville Police Department at 419-753-2404 or “Like” the “New Knoxville Police Department” page on Facebook.