NK BOE Takes First Levy Step

NEW KNOXVILLE — New Knoxville Board of Education members unanimously voted in a special meeting Monday night to move forward with the first steps to continue a 1 percent, five-year income tax levy passed in 2009.

While the levy wouldn’t change what the voters were currently paying, the revenue accounts for approximately $461,000 — an estimated 11 percent of the total school general fund. While the current income tax doesn’t run out until the end of 2014, board members thought it best to consider getting it on the ballot as soon as possible.

The board said they will also be dealing with the repercussions of flat-lined funding after the recent state of Ohio budget was signed making the potential loss of that 1 percent even more meaningful.

The board also discussed an open forum scheduled during their next meeting to hear any suggestions on funds designated for use in special education.