New Wedding Business Opens

NEW KNOXVILLE — A new area business recently opened to aide brides and grooms in planning their dream wedding.

St. Marys native Anita Roediger opened One Stop Bridal and Event Planning and Photography by Anita in New Knoxville in the Winner’s Computers building. For her event planning business, Roediger said she coordinates with local businesses to provide a dream wedding to engaged couples on a budget.

“The bride and groom tell me an amount of money that they want to spend, and I work with them to try to get as much as they can with that amount of money with good quality work from (local) vendors,” Roediger said. “I’m pulling (local) vendors for them to work as a team and to try cut the cost down for the bride and groom so they can have that dream wedding that they want.”

Roediger also offers wedding photography through her business and said keeping her prices affordable was important to her.

“As a child growing up, my family didn’t have a lot, and my mom and dad worked hard to have what they had,” she said. “My dad passed away when I was a junior in high school, so my mom and I had to pay for my wedding. I baby-sat and made money to make that wedding happen. I want to be able to have every bride to have those wedding pictures because those are things that you look back on later in life and I want them to have that opportunity.”

One Stop Bridal and Event Planning offers more than wedding planning.

“I can plan whatever it is they want me to plan for them,” Roediger said, noting that she is currently finalizing plans for a group cruise.

Roediger said she has had experience planning events.

“I’ve always been a person that is planning things for different groups I’m in,” she said. “I’m always the coordinator.”

She has also had experience working with food.

“I used to do catering at the American Legion when I was an officer there,” Roediger said. “I worked at Pizza Hut and I worked at Dairy Queen, so I’ve always worked around food.”

Roediger has been a photographer for more than 10 years. Photography by Anita offers a variety of photography options. She noted that she enjoys the happiness surrounding the moments she photographs.

“I enjoy it because it’s a happy time,” Roediger said. “Everybody is happy, and for the most part there’s no fighting or arguing or anything like that. It’s always a happy moment, whether it be weddings, babies being born, anniversary parties or whatever it is.”

This weekend, Roediger has organized a Fall Bridal Show. The show, held from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. Sunday at the United Steel Workers of America Hall, 227 E. South St., St. Marys, will feature area businesses that provide a variety of wedding services. Gently used gowns and decorations will be for sale at the event, and gowns and decorations will be accepted for a small fee. Roediger noted that new gowns will also be showcased.

“We will also do a bridal show for the brides to view different gowns of different sizes, as well as for the bridesmaids, mothers and flower girls,” she said.

The Fall Bridal Show coincides with a contest for engaged couples. Beginning Sept. 25, engaged couples who will marry next year have the opportunity to compete in Shedding Pounds 4 Wedding.

“Brides and grooms that are getting married next year get the opportunity to come and be a part of the contest as a couple,” Roediger said. “They will have to weigh in and have different things that they have to do. The couple that wins will receive a prize.”

Roediger noted that informational sessions and group workouts will be a part of the competition, and couples will have an opportunity to win prizes throughout the competition, in addition to the winning prize.

Roediger said that she hopes to keep her business open despite the current economic situation.

“I would like to continue my business and not have to close it,” she said. “With the economy right now, you see a lot of businesses closing, and I want to persevere and not have that happen.”

For more information on her businesses, the Shedding Pounds 4 Wedding contest or the Fall Bridal Show, contact Roediger at 419-733-4132, at, or visit her website,