New Bremen Hosts Education Session on Black Lives Matter

Staff Writer

The village of New Bremen hosted a Black Lives Matter event titled “Becoming an Ally: The First Steps” on Saturday afternoon in Bremenfest Park.

Janelle Elking, a 2014 graduate of New Bremen and now a teacher in Dayton, spoke to those in attendance about the importance of the movement.

“With the recent events going on, I thought that this was a good time to share and make people aware what Black Lives Matter really is and what the purpose is,” she said.

The recent events Elking is referring to include the deaths of George Floyd in Minnesota and Breonna Taylor in Louisville that have sparked protests and outcry across the country. 

During her presentation, Elking walked the group through the history the struggles the Black community has faced from slavery to the Jim Crow laws to “redlining.” 

“We’re all here, I assume, because we want to learn more and be more educated with this,” said Elking.

Elking provided opportunities for those in attendances to share their experiences where they have faced discrimination or hardships in their lives to get a point across regarding white privilege, a built-in advantage for white people, she explained.

Elking outlined steps to becoming an ally for Black Lives Matter saying the first thing one should do is to educate themselves and the second being listening to people and believing them.

Those interested in learning more can view the “Becoming an Ally: The First Steps” page on Facebook.