New Bremen Council Hires 2 PT Officers

NEW BREMEN — New Bremen Council hired two part-time police officers Tuesday, Shawn Harrod and Douglas Ranly under suspension of the rules to get the officers working by May 20, when their help will be needed for security at The Great Ohio Bicycle Adventure in June.

According to Police Chief Mike Skinner, Harrod was born and raised in New Bremen, and is the son of a retired part-time police officer, as well as the nephew of former chief Doug Harrod.

Ranly, who is from St. Henry, currently serves as a St. Henry police officer.

GOBA will reimburse the town for the security, but the officers will continue their posts beyond that event.

Mayor Jeff Pape said he’d attended a walk through of the GOBA bicycle event Monday. On the recommendation of Chief Skinner the route had been changed to avoid Franklin Street during the heavy end-of-shift traffic from Crown.

The cyclists will now travel Amsterdam, Walnut, Plum, Fox and Monroe, among other streets.

At this point, 2100 cyclists are registered with GOBA for the event.

“All I can ask,” Pape said, “is try to make our town look good. That means your personal property. Anything you can do, that’s my request.”

“So plant flowers in the toilet in my front yard?” joked council member John Schwartz.

Two sewer projects will begin soon. The first project will replace 1950s-era sanitary sewers that are not holding up, Village administrator Wayne York said.

The problem with the connections was identified through the televising of the sanitary sewer system in the older parts of town. The project is preventative, said York.

Construction will begin in approximately six weeks and last a month.

The difficulty with Circle Drive, said York, is that the U-shaped street has problems with storm drainage in the center of the ‘U.’

“The existing sewers are completely plugged and cracked and it’s hopeless,” said York.

An informational session is planned for Circle Drive residents.

In personnel matters, Larry Wissman in Public Works plans to retire May 31, and councillors voted to advertise his position immediately in order to get the best person possible as quickly as possible.

“We’re looking for someone with concrete experience,” Pape said. “Literally, a person who has worked with concrete.”

Councilors voted, with an emergency exception to forgo having three readings, to accept quotes on property and liability insurance. The decision has a June 1 contract deadline.

York said that he likes to go through each building or piece of property and ask what it might cost to replace the item.

Simply insuring for the same amount, in the long run, may not pay off because construction costs tend to rise, so if something happens to a building there needs to be enough coverage to rebuild at the new prices.

He also advised councilors to keep in mind the high cost of replacing fire trucks.

The difference between an insurance evaluation of what a truck is worth versus the actual cost to replace the truck often do not line up.

A preliminary resolution was passed to continue project on the Miami and Erie Shared Use Trail.

The resolution stated that any environmental study costs or costs additional to those covered in the 80 percent grant funding and 20 percent local match agreement would be covered by the village.

Pape said the council is applying for an Ohio Department of Natural Resources grant in tandem with moving forward on the trail, and that grant will hopefully cover those expenses not covered by ODOT.

The trail project is expected to be hammered out by the end of the year, Pape said, with the bidding conducted by ODOT in April 2014, and construction as early as summer of 2014.

In other New Bremen news, the mayor’s court training is coming up.

Fines, fees and forfeitures for the village totalled $979, Pape said.

The EMS contract with New Bremen Emergency Squad Inc. was signed for 2013-2014 at a cost of $75,000 divided into three payments.

The village councilors voted to authorize the Ohio Department of Transportation to do patching and deck edge repair on Ohio 66 near the YMCA.