New Bremen Board Of Education Candidate Michele Bambauer

Staff Writer

New Bremen Board of Education candidate Michele Bambauer submitted the following information to The Evening Leader, which was referenced in the Oct. 25 edition.

Please state the reasons you are interested in serving as a New Bremen Local School Board Member.
My desire is to give back to the community by ensuring all children have a high quality education, which prepares them for life after graduation to be productive citizens. As a life-long resident of New Bremen, I have witnessed the critical role the school system has played in the development and growth of our town. Being a member of New Bremen School Board is the way I would like to serve my community.

Are there aspects of your education and experience that you feel would be beneficial in this position?
Attending New Bremen Schools instilled the gift of being a life-long learner, leading me to dedicate my life to the continuous improvement process within the education system. I furthered my education by earning a bachelor’s degree in elementary and special education and a master’s degree in early childhood education, both from the University of Dayton. I recently received an educational specialist degree from the University of Toledo. Throughout my 19-year career in education, I have had the privilege to lead, teach, observe and work with nearly 100 schools throughout the state of Ohio. I focused on building strong systems to have a positive impact on the students, their families, their staff and the community, while being fiscally responsible. Being an educational consultant for the past 4.5 years has allowed me to work within all levels of the education system (school boards, superintendents, building administrators, instructional coaches, teachers, classified staff and paraprofessionals) to gain a better understanding of the complexity and successful components of a district. I pride myself in my ability to take a conceptual idea and connect it to all aspects of a project.

What is your vision for the students and the school district?
Analyzing the strengths and determining opportunities for growth within our school district will ensure every student receives a high quality education by meeting their unique and diverse needs. We give our children the resources and tools they need to be successful, not only while at New Bremen Local Schools, but for life by honoring the differences among us. The district can ensure that the decisions being made not only meet the needs of the district and stakeholders today, but also in the future by using data from state and local academic and climate assessments, financial reports and surveys from student, families, staff and the community. It starts with our school being the heart of New Bremen and by continuing to create new relationships between the school and stakeholders to continue to build a strong community. My vision is for our school district to create a long-term plan that outlines the path of the district; then communicates the goals, strategies and action steps to each stakeholder. This would provide a clear understanding of the direction the New Bremen Local School District is heading.

What characteristics and strengths can you bring to the board?
As an educational leader, I advocate for the resources, supports and needs of all students. By approaching the position through collaboration and respect of individual’s perspectives, I base decisions on evidence and data. Being an active listener allows me to be responsive to students, families, staff and the community and encourage open dialog. My greatest asset is as a parent and being able to relate to the daily challenges that all parents face. As a school board member, I am looking forward to celebrating all successes from academic to athletic and everything in between.