NBHS prepares for super show

Staff Writer

A different take on a popular blockbuster trend will have audience members doubled over in their seats with laughter when members of the New Bremen Drama Club take the stage to present “Superfreaks.”
The superstar cast have spent the last month and a half preparing for the debut of their performance — set for next Friday and Saturday — and are in the process of working out the final kinks before opening night.
“Superfreaks” takes a jab at the extremely popular fictional worlds of Marvel and DC with a twist no one will expect. Lois Lancaster, an eager journalist played by Cheyanne Bertke, is conducting some research on mental institutions when she stumbles upon one that is home to some especially unusual characters. As she continues to dig into the backgrounds of these inmates the true unmasking will come as a surprise no one will expect.
This tale was handpicked by none other than the students themselves, according to drama club Director Harriet Bundy.
“I let them choose and with Glass that just came out … the boys were just like, ‘oh that will be perfect because all these superhero movies are coming out so maybe we’ll get more people that are interested in the superhero thing,’” Bundy said. “And they liked the idea of getting to play mental patients.”
“Honestly, I think the characters just depict who we are really well just in general,” said junior Stella Fear. “And it’s really funny and just really fun and colorful.”
The act of students picking the play isn’t common for the club, Bundy mentioned. She added that she typically gives the option of one or two but given their smaller cast this year — four girls and two boys plus production crew — their options of play choices was slim.
That isn’t stopping the cast from putting their best foot forward with their new show. During the run through Thursday, the students did their best to get their lines out, helping each other when someone got stuck. Remembering the lines was one the biggest challenge, according to Fear.
“The lines because a lot of the lines are very repetitive,” she said. “Trying to time them out and get them into the right place is really difficult but we manage.”
Fear, who portrays Mental, has a character that is known for hilarious and random outbursts which are bound to keep the audience on their toes. Benitez added that perfecting the lines is their biggest challenge at the moment but is confident with a little more practice — as “practice makes perfect” — they will be ready for showtime.
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