NB BOE To Host Tour

NEW BREMEN — New Bremen Board of Education members urged residents to attend the tour next week in an effort to obtain input on what steps to take with the elementary building.

The board viewed pictures of damaged plumbing and electrical lines that were recently taken in the tunnels of the elementary building in addition to reviewing a script of the tour they took before the August board meeting. Board members agreed the condition of the building cannot be allowed to continue to deteriorate.

“I think that we’re all aware that doing nothing in that building is not an option,” Superintendent Ann Harvey said. “It’s something that absolutely has got to happen.”

The tour will begin at 7 p.m. Tuesday, and will take community members through the elementary building, showing them the current areas of concern. Following the tour, a presentation showing the breakdown of the costs of renovating and constructing a new building. Community members are encouraged to ask questions and make suggestions to the board at the tour.

Board members also included the elementary building in the district goals for the 2011-12 school year.

“Prepare and pass a levy to provide a new or renovated 21st century K-8 building to serve our students for the next 50 years and beyond,” the third district goal reads.

Harvey noted that community input is crucial in meeting this goal.

“Gathering some information and doing some research and then forming a community interest group so we know what our community wants,” Harvey said of the strategy to achieve the goal.

The first district goal calls for the district to prepare students for college and their career by providing a modern learning environment.

The second district goal aims for “exemplary” communication in the district.

Harvey noted that the new website has been a help with up-to-date communications, and that the new website is still receiving thousands of new hits.

“We have a substantial amount of use (on the website), and I think that’s because we have so much more information on there,” Harvey said.

In her report to the board, Elementary Principal Diane Kramer noted that Meet the Teacher Night was a success.

“This year we had it prior to the start of the school year, where as other years we had it about two weeks into the school year,” she said.

“I think it was a nice opportunity. It was truly the parents and the students meeting the teacher, rather than the parent-teacher conference.”

Board member Kari Fox praised success of the event.

“I think having the Meet the Teacher Night prior to the start of school was a great idea,” Fox said. “It’s very helpful for kids to get settled in and know where they’re going. I thought it worked well.”

In his report to the board, Middle School Principal Howard Overman noted that he has been discussing OAA results with teachers.

“This year with the team meetings, it enables me to have time to meet with the staff and we’ve been hitting the OAA results and the STAR reading results,” Overman said.

“They need to know the level of the kids, so it’s getting to know the kids and I think we’re doing a much better job with that.”

Overman also noted that middle school students will be viewing video clips on Friday to pay tribute to 9/11 victims.

“We are going to have a tribute at the end of the day for 9/11,” Overman said.

“I think when you look back 10 years, some of these kids were very young at that time, so we’re going to have a tribute to help them understand the severity of what happened.”

High School Principal Frank Borchers said that end of course exams will be conducted this year in Algebra II, American History, English 11 and Biology in his report to the board.

“One of the possible requirements for graduation — it’s still a work in progress — may be having students take end of course exams,” Borchers said. “We’re diving into that and getting our feet wet with it now before it becomes a have to.”

Board members also approved the appointment of former board member Mark Barhorst to serve for the remainder of the term, filling the void left by Tim Quellhorst.

The board adjourned into executive session to discuss employment. No action was taken when they reconvened into regular session.

In other business, board members:

• Approved the general fund and lunchroom fund paid bills.

• Approved a monetary donation from Dianne Komminsk for professional development, curriculum needs and technology.

• Approved a monetary donation from First National bank for computers for the intervention class.

• Approved the adoption of the 2011-12 Temporary Whole-Year Appropriations.

• Approved a change in salary placement for business teacher Jill Ahlers.

• Approved a Community Reinvestment Area Agreement with Brookside Laboratories, Inc.

• Approved foreign exchange student Katharina Peters of Germany.

• Approved the adoption of textbooks to be used during the 2011-12 school year.

• Approved payment in lieu of transportation for three students in the New Bremen Local School District to Sidney Christian Academy.

• Approved an out-of-state field trip to the National FFA Convention for Katy McGovern.

The New Bremen Board of Education will hold a special meeting at 7:30 p.m. Sept. 21. The next regular meeting is scheduled for 7:30 p.m. Oct. 12.