MHS students ready to scare up some laughs

Teresa Dowling
Staff Writer

In the market for something to do on a Friday or Saturday night? The students in the St. Marys Memorial High School Drama Club have just the thing and they can’t wait to show everyone what they can do.
Depending on the football team’s success Saturday evening, the school will be putting on three productions of “The Addams Family,” between Nov. 30 and Dec. 1.
“If [football goes] to state and they play on Saturday, we will rearrange to Thursday, Friday and Sunday,” Co-Director Allie Phlipot said. “I don’t want people to not go because they want to go watch the football team — I would want to go watch the football team.”
Regardless, the main thing the cast and director hit on was that the musical would be a lot of fun. Cast members alluded to several fun and wacky scenes but didn’t want to give too much away.
“Probably the ‘Full Disclosure’ scene because there is a lot happening,” said senior Jenna Hawkey, who plays Morticia Addams. “There’s a drunk Alice who’s dancing on the table and trying to get her husband to ‘love’ her again. It just funny because there’s a lot happening and there are some pretty funny lines.”
Junior Kalie Gayer agrees with Hawkey, adding that the crowd of middle school students — whom the cast performed a dress rehearsal for — seemed to react the most to ‘Full Disclosure.’
“There’s so many crazy things that happen and there’s some things that Autumn [Crowell] who plays Alice does where people seemed to be like, ‘Is she really doing that?’ and ‘What is she doing? That’s really funny.’” Gayer — who is playing Wednesday Addams — said.
Getting to the point of pulling off over-the-top characters has taken a lot of work by the cast. The students cited two different aspects that have been the biggest challenges for them — lines and getting into character. For Hawkey and her fellow lead Riley Hennon — Gomez Addams — lines can be tricky business but are vital to the success of any production.
“You have to give your lines to the band so they know when to start playing so if you mess up your lines, now the band doesn’t know when to play and if you say a line wrong, you can mess up a lot of other people and it’ll just fall apart,” Hennon said. “It’s never to early too early to start practicing lines — I can’t emphasize that enough — because lines are the heart and soul of what you’re performing.”
“I messed up a few times during the dress rehearsal but I’ll definitely be ready for next week,” Hawkey added.
Gayer said she struggles the most with getting into the character of Wednesday, adding that her real personality doesn’t necessarily match with her character.
Once they get through all the practices and memorizing all their lines, the three students said they were able to really grow and appreciate their characters more and more with every rehearsal.
“This was our first musical in about five years and I just thought it was fun and funny and I thought that the characters fit the cast well,” Phlipot, who is directing with Marissa Lewis, said. “I thought they would have fun doing it. We’ve put a lot of work into it and the kids are really good so it’s worth buying a ticket.”
According to the kids in the show, Phlipot was right.
“I don’t have one, I have two favorite parts,” Gayer said. “When I’m singing my song, ‘Pulled,’ me and Ethyn [Krites], who plays Puglsey, we have a really good interaction with that and it’s just a really fun song and then our ‘Full Disclosure’ song is a lot of fun.”
“In act two, I sing a song with all the ancestors and I’m just having fun with it,” added Hawkey. “I don’t want to spoil exactly what happens but it’s my favorite part.”
Show times are tentatively scheduled for 7 p.m. Nov. 30 and 2 p.m. and 7 p.m. Dec. 1 at the MHS Performing Arts Center.
If the football team wins Saturday and plays the next Saturday, Dec. 1, show times will be adjusted and released on Facebook.
Tickets cost $5 for students and $8 for adults.
“Most people grew up watching the Addams Family on TV so why not come?” Gayer said. “You’ve grown up watching it, it’s the family that everyone knows and you’ve grown up snapping to the theme song.
“There’s no good reason to not come so just come!”