The Menagerie Offers Unique Decor

Owners of The Menagerie, Rita and Mike Daugherty pose for a picture along with Cindy Bear in the background. Located in the St. Marys Square shopping center at 1137 Indiana Ave., the one-stop shop is currently open, with a grand-opening date happening sometime in May.
Sports Editor

Being the only one of its kind, unlike anything else.

That is the definition of the word unique and that word is the foundation to Rita and Mike Daugherty’s new St. Marys business, The Menagerie, a store with a wide variety of collections — from antiques to flavored popcorn, to clothes and a photography display — they can meet anyone’s needs.

“We just want people to come in and enjoy and relax a bit,” Rita said. “We are very excited and I think it is something that people will enjoy.”

The Menagerie, located in the St. Marys Square complex at 1178 Indiana Ave., will have a grand opening sometime in May, but has a light opening of the store now. 

Rita said she used to be a vendor with several booths for roughly a decade at the Auglaize Antique Mall in Wapakoneta before opening a small business called Beauty Snaps and Memories inside Macky’s Healthfood about a year ago. However, Daugherty said she outgrew the space. Since then, she had been looking in several local towns for a location with plenty of space.

That’s when St. Marys Square came calling.

Daugherty said she spoke with St. Marys Area Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Abby Balster, who told her that the particular space was available and eventually opened an avenue between the Daughertys and Cisco Reality’s Hector Hernandez to work out an agreement. Daugherty added that some people who were with her at her store in Wapakoneta have followed her to St. Marys with the possibility of adding more people as well.

Daugherty said she liked the layout, which used to be a physical therapy business. The high volume of traffic on Indiana Avenue with a number of restaurants in front of it was a plus too.

The store is described as a one stop shop for antiques, collectibles, glassware, coins, old clocks, Ohio State items, floral arrangements, primitives, local honey, essential oils, cannabidiol oil (CBD oil), herbs and vitamins, books, locally grown coffee, teas, homemade jams and jelly, flavored popcorn, pottery, hand designed jewelry, clothing boutique and many more unique and one of a kind items.

The new business is a symbol of the fresh start St. Marys Square has taken since new ownership took over.

St. Marys Business Complex, LLC took ownership of St. Marys Square in September, the previous ownership of the St. Marys Square shopping area was out of Maryland. 

According to company officials via a press release in September, St. Marys Square Business Complex plans to bring a mix of business and retail operations to the complex, with the first major business being local and family-owned Celina Tent occupying the space Kmart vacated.

The Menagerie is open from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday through Saturday and noon to 5 p.m. Sundays and while she gears up for the opening of her new business, Daugherty explained why and how she settled for the name of the store.

“I was just searching for a mix or unique things so I went online and starting punching things in, different words, different meanings and synonyms and finally the menagerie came up,” she said. “I looked into it further to see what all that means and it can be a collection of exotic animals or something like that or just a collection of unique things.

“When I saw that I thought, ‘perfect, that is exactly what we are.’ We are The Menagerie, we are a collection of everything.”