Memorial Benches for Sale in New Bremen

Staff Writer

Anyone interested in memorializing a loved one, or significant group/person from New Bremen, can do so in the form of a bench in one of 10 locations in the Jaycee or Komminsk Legacy parks.
Ten present locations have been selected by the New Bremen Parks Department as areas that would be suitable for a new bench and they are willing to do all of the work to install the memorial bench. Individuals just need to cover the cost of the bench and plaque — $1,600 plus shipping costs — and the village will do the rest.
Parks Superintendent Mike Hibner said the program is not new for the village, but they just want to get the word out that this is available if people are interested.
The benches they’re offering are 8-foot long, durable, black powder-coated benches with a zinc etched plaque in the center of the bench.
The process of getting the bench ordered is fairly simple too, Hibner said.
“Basically [interested individuals] come into the office, they get a memorial bench policy form and they fill it out — and it shows how many letters and what you can use, different spaces and stuff — and then it shows kind of what the bench looks like and stuff, the dimensions,” he explained. “It gives an example of the benches and it shows some locations we have picked through the parks where you can choose where you’d like to put the bench and basically they order the bench and they turn the page in.
“We approve that location is good, the bench gets shipped here and then we put it together, we pour the concrete pad for it and set the bench. It’s not too hard of a process.”
The locations for the benches are only in Jaycee Park and the Komminsk Legacy Park for now, Hibner mentioned, but that could change in the future.
“As far as Bremenfest Park, that’s more of our athletic facility with our baseball diamond and stuff like that,” Hibner said. “We don’t have locations out there yet but that may come in the future.”
The memorial benches serve two purposes, Hibner mentioned. They offer a way to recognize a loved one or community member while providing seating to residents and visitors while they are out enjoying some of the features New Bremen has to offer.
“We’ve got locations along the parks usually, and obviously we’ve got the towpath going through town right beside some of the parks so it’s nice for people to have somewhere to sit while also giving some recognition to the family member or whoever the bench is for,” he said.
So far, two benches have been purchased for placement around New Bremen.
The process takes about 6 to 8 weeks to get the benches delivered to the village — Hibner says individuals should have the benches shipped directly to the parks department at 304 S. Herman St.
Once the village has received the bench, they will contact the individual who ordered it to give an approximate installation date.
There are six locations in Jaycee Park for benches to be placed and four in the Komminsk Legacy Park — all along the towpath walkway next to the canal.
Forms for the memorial benches can be picked up at the Village Office or online at under “Government” and “Permits and Forms.”
For any questions, Hibner can be reached at 419-629-3563 or by email at