Man Shot In Celina

CELINA — An unidentified, shirtless man reportedly wearing a cowboy hat and waving a firearm was transported for injuries relating to a shooting on Market Street outside the Lakeshore Auto Sales Wednesday afternoon.

Mercer County Sheriff Jeff Grey said dispatchers received a 911 call about a man in Celina walking down the street with a weapon. The call was transferred to the Celina Police Department.

"Once the officer was on the scene, the next call was that shots were fired and we needed an ambulance," Grey said.

Celina Assistant Police Chief Calvin Freeman said the man was reported outside the McDonald's, without a shirt, wearing a cowboy hat and waving a gun.

Officers responded to the dispatch and found the suspect by the Subway. Officers then approached the man, and at some point the parties moved across the street to outside the auto dealership.

"We're not sure what was said, but obviously shots were fired," Freeman said.

Celina's emergency medical services were called. When the ambulance arrived the suspect was on the ground, Freeman said. Medical treatment began, and the man was transported to Mercer Health.

Grey said BCI will conduct the crime scene investigation and Freeman asked the sheriff's office to conduct the investigation.

"We'll wait on results to determine what, if anything, is the appropriate action," Freeman said noting the sheriff's office was called in to conduct the investigation to avoid the appearance of bias.

"My concern is biased," Freeman said. "I have full confidence in BCI, the sheriff's office to be able to process the crime scene, do the investigation ... Obviously, our officer is our officer."