Man Arrested In Truck Theft

CELINA — A Celina man is being held in the Mercer County Adult Detention facility in connection with the theft of a red 2007 Toyota pickup truck from a Bruns Avenue home.  

The truck was reported stolen at 3:49 p.m. Thursday. The owner returned home after being out of town for a day. His pickup, which had been parked in the garage, was gone when he arrived home.  The keys that had been inside the home were also gone.

The vehicle was located just after midnight on Friday, after a citizen who was familiar with the victim called the police department to report that he had seen the truck parked behind a downtown business.

Officers found the vehicle in the 100 block of West Fayette Street, behind Club Oasis. Witness statements indicated the driver had parked the vehicle and went into an apartment at 116 1/2 W. Fayette St.

There were several people at that apartment, but the investigation led officers to placing Anthony N. Wilson, 22, 537 Touvelle St., Apt. D, Celina, under arrest for possession of stolen property. He appeared in Celina Municipal Court Friday morning and was ordered held on $250,000 bond.

While no signs of forced entry were found at the victim’s home, it was discovered that the emergency release on the garage door had been tripped, disengaging the automatic garage door opener. Once the emergency catch has been tripped, the garage door can be pushed up by hand. The technique of tripping the emergency release from outside a locked garage has been a growing problem nationwide.

As is the case with many other current issues, the Internet has allowed the details of how this technique works to spread quickly. Fortunately by searching the web, you can also find some simple solutions that will help keep you from becoming a victim of this type of criminal activity.  Blinding garage door windows and setting up your emergency release so it will not function when pulled towards the door are simple solutions that will help keep your garage secure.