Magoto Signs To Serve Country

Minster’s Madeline Magoto (front row, center) signed her national letter of intent to continue her academic and athletic career at West Point Military Academy on Wednesday. The senior runner was accompanied by her father, Jeremy (front row, left), mother and Wildcats track and cross-country coach Jessie, brother Louis (back row, left), assistant coach Greg Zumberger and brother Joseph.
Sports Editor

College is a good way for a student to get to know who they are in a school of their choice that best fits their needs, but not Madeline Magoto.

She is picking a college to best serve her country instead.

The senior runner from Minster signed her national letter of intent, making it official that she will continue her academic and athletic career at West Point Military Academy, but more importantly, she is signing to have the opportunity to serve her country. On Feb. 11, Magoto accepted an appointment to begin studies there and will leave or cadet basic training during the summer.

“I want to serve my country and when I was looking at colleges, nothing stood out or was exciting,” she said. “So when I discovered the service academies and eventually to West Point then, it just all came full circle.”

Only two schools stood out to Magoto, West Point and the Naval Academy, but Magoto chose the Army after falling in love with the West Point campus, with its traditions and gorgeous grounds.

“I didn’t realize that (she wanted to serve her country) at first until I realized that I wanted a greater purpose than doing things for myself or really focusing on myself in college,” she said. “So then I found out about the academies and a mixture of school and military and I’m also running there so athletics and it all just seemed like a perfect match for me.”

Magoto said although she does not need to decide on what she is going to study until her second year, she is looking at specializing in political science. 

Examining her high school, saying Magoto had a successful one is a bit of an understatement.

She is a two-time third-place finisher in the Division III 800-meter run and has finished no worse than fourth place in that event in Columbus. She was a member of last season’s track team that finally broke through a won a Division III state title after the school finished runner-up three straight years. In cross-country, Magoto has is a multi-Midwest Athletic Conference winner and has been a part of three state champion teams.

In academics, the senior has served as captain of the cross-country team, awarded the Franklin B. Walter Scholastic Award, is chairperson of the Youth Leadership Association and the Minster Garden Club.

West Point is a member of the Patriot League where the women’s track team finished fourth last season and fifth in the league’s cross-country championship.

Magoto said met the track coaches twice and had the opportunity to meet the team.

“I feel a pretty good connection there with the team,” she said. “I have just been incredibly blessed to have such great teammates and coaches. Practices are never a struggle, they are always fun, which makes this last season a little sad.

“But I am definitely excited to continue that and college myself at the next level.”