Locals Show Off Talent

MINSTER — Ten acts performed to a packed community room Monday in the first-ever FJ Stallo Talent Show, with audience members voting for the acts they liked best.

The performers sang, danced and performed gymnastics for-the-standing-room-only event. Organizers Alexis Kyburz and Dezy Miller, both paid summer interns at the library, said they were surprised by how many people showed up for the concert. While they had sign ups, they’d believed only the children and their parents would show up.

“We had plastic chairs out, and we didn’t expect to need more,” Kyburz said.

Miller said the program fit the fun and vivacious spirit of the library programs and was a nice wrap up to summer. Miller and Kyburz are sisters, and the all-female show brought out sisters competing against each other and sister acts.

A dance routine featured Lydia and Ella Mescher and Lydia Bornhorst, dancing their way into first place as the audience’s favorite.

“The best part was winning,” Bornhorst said.

Ella said the girls are neighbors and were able to practice together at least three times every time they met.

“We were kind of nervous at first,” she said. “But once we were done, I was like why were we nervous?”

Lydia Mescher agreed that she’d been nervous but had enjoyed winning.

The tumbling dance group of Isyra and Bryann Oldiges along with Lauren and Allison Dwenger performed to All for One.

In competing sisters, Savanna Webb sang “Pricetag” by Jessie J.

While she paused a few times in the a cappella act to focus and block out her nervousness, Webb said she enjoyed the performing.

“It was scary, but I feel better,” she said. “I got it over with. I wanted people to hear my voice.”

Skyla Webb, younger sister to Savanna, followed her with the Black Eyed Peas’ “Where Is the Love.”

“I really like singing but I’m very shy,” Skyla Webb said. “It was scary.”

She added she had performed in the school talent show before. Her favorite part is when it’s all over and people clap, she said.

Music was mostly popular radio tunes.

The first act, Kaycie Wissman, sang “Count on Me” by Bruno Mars.

Grace Schmiesing and Janae Hoying had a tumbling and singing act to Bruno Mars’s “Grenade.” They said they had performed together before in a school play, and Hoying has performed from a young age.

“The best part was when people congratulated us,” Schmiesing said. “That made me feel proud.”

Hannah James sang with Alice Schmiesing on guitar a song by Miley Cyrus called “Butterfly Fly Away.” The girls said they’re in a band named Chatterbox together through Red Bird Guitar Studio with three other girls. Schmiesing said she comes to the library a lot, and was inspired to sign up thinking it would be fun.

Alayna Albers sang the Taylor Swift song “22” and said she picked the song by turning on the radio at the time she was thinking about entering the contest.

“It was the first thing I heard,” she said.

It wasn’t her first performance. Albers said that she performed with the percussive players and in a production of School House Rock.

Alayna Hogenkamp performed to “I Knew You Were Trouble,” which she said she had practiced a lot in advance. It was her first performance ever, she said. Her mother encouraged her to sign up.

“I really want to sing,” Hogenkamp said.