Locals Mark 2013

ST. MARYS — Locals remembered 2012 and began 2013 by celebrating in  different ways.

In St. Marys, families celebrated at Woodland Roller Dome while others chose to stay in with movies and pizza.

Although the roller rink has hosted several lock-ins, this was the first for New Year’s Eve since Dan and Victoria Egbert took over last September.

Roller skaters had a lot of good memories from 2012. Misty Shaffer remembered 2012 as the year she changed jobs.

“The best thing was getting a good job at Honda,” she said.

For parent Katie Wehnes, it was education.

“I graduated from college in early childhood education,” she said.

Wehnes said she was glad to celebrate New Year’s with her kids now that they were old enough to do something fun on the late night.

For student Trey Beebe, the best thing was also the worst.

“The best thing was meeting my girlfriend,” he said. “The worst was her dumping me.”

At Sunoco, employee Amith Abraham said it was a good year because he was healthy and working.

“I moved from Georgia to Ohio,” he said. “We never get snow in Georgia. I like people in St. Marys.”

Jeff Purdy said the best part of the year was in his workplace.

“I was fortunate not to have layoffs in the job,” Purdy said.

Slick roads may have deterred some from heading out on New Year’s Eve. Angie Guarnieri-Wibbler, owner of Guarnieri Pizzeria, it was a big night for pizza.

“A lot of family specials, a lot of extra large pizza, a lot of deliveries,” she said.

From 4 p.m. to 7:30 p.m., the pizzeria was busy filling customer orders. That, she said, gave her the impression a lot of people had opted to stay in.

At Family Video, workers agreed.

The computer, measuring each half hour’s rentals, said the store rented between 40 and 60 rentals each half hour. Several of those were New Year’s-themed, said worker Jessica Grice.

For Grice, the best part of 2012 was meeting friend Kody Addison.

“When we met a few months ago, it was like we were immediately brother and sister,” she said.

 For co-worker Cody Henning, 2012 was the year he graduated from nursing school.

“I’m glad it’s over,” he said.

For some, it was a hard year. Matt Everage, who was renting videos, said this would stand out as the year he lost his son.

“The only good part was probably reuniting with my ex-wife,” Everage said.

Shane Patterson said his New Year’s Eve would be a night for board games and movies. While he said it was a good year, one moment stuck out.

“My wife found out we’re expecting,” he said. “That was the best part.”