Locals Look To Flush Cancer

ST. MARYS — A local high school group is hosting a new fundraiser to go toward its cause of finding a cure for cancer.

Members of St. Marys Memorial High School's Relay for Life team is hoping to "Flush Out Cancer" with the fundraiser they kicked off Wednesday evening by placing a purple, duct-tape covered toilet in the school's assistant principal's, Brian Pohl, yard.

"The Relay kids voted who would be the first participant," MHS Relay for Life Adviser Karen Newlove said.

Pohl won the vote, and on Wednesday the toilet was placed in his front yard.

"I guess I'm just the lucky one," Pohl said of being chosen.

The toilet will be in Pohl's yard until he either decides to transfer the toilet to another person's property, donate money back to the team and the toilet will be removed or do nothing display the toilet for four days and the team will remove it.

"It's 25 to gift it to somebody else," Newlove said, noting the cost of removing the toilet immediately is a $15 donation to the team."

Each person who receives the toilet in his or her front yard will also get a letter explaining the purpose of the toilet.

"After four days if we don't hear anything, we'll come and get it," Newlove noted.

This is the first time for the "Flush Out Cancer" fundraiser, she said, noting the students came up with the idea themselves.

"They just brainstormed ideas for fundraisers," Newlove said. "It's something different."

The students decorated the toilet, which was donated, during their Rider Time meeting in the Relay for Life signature color, purple.

"We found two people that were remodeling bathrooms, and they donated it," Newlove said.

She added the students hope to start a second chain around the community.

"We are going to start a second toilet around town to get more people involved in the community," she said.

The Relay for Life team will also be mapping the toilet's locations at school, Newlove added.

"We're going to put a bulletin board in the hallway to show where it's been," she said.

To not cause confusion in town, Troy Newlove, a senior at Memorial High School, will be notifying the police department to let officers know of the fundraiser — and in case someone sees him in yards placing the toilet at the next recipient's home, as he was the chosen toilet mover.

"I think it will go over well," Troy Newlove said of the new fundraiser.