Local Official Eager To Get Started

NEW BREMEN — A local village recently named a new official to its ranks, as the former employee recently relocated to the East Coast.

Angela Hamberg was recently hired as the economic development director, and she was officially sworn into the position last week

Hamberg, who lives in New Bremen with her husband, Joe, and her three sons, Andrew Micheal, Cole Hamberg and Benjamin Hamberg, said she went for the position because of her ties with the community.

“I have lived in New Bremen for 13 years,” Hamberg said.

“I very much enjoy living in the New Bremen community. This gave me an opportunity to participate in the well-being of the community.”

She brought to the table a diverse employment background — both in finance and IT — to benefit the economic development position.

“I worked at Prudential before this, I was a financial associate there,” Hamberg said. “Prior to that, I worked at Minster Machine for 13 years, where I was in system administration in the IT department.”

Her previous employment, Hamberg said, enabled her to bring various skills to the economic development director position.

“Whether they are my natural-ability skills or job-acquired skills, I believe they’re a good fit for this position,” Hamberg said. “I’m a very analytical thinker, and I have a technical mind, which will help with the technology aspect of the position.”

She noted another skill she said the thought would be helpful for the job.

“I am good at facilitation, which will be helpful with my responsibilities with the CIC board,” she said.

“I like to be a part of projects from the beginning to the end. I am a solution provider. From my experience at Minster Machine, I learned I like to find solutions for different projects.”

For now, Hamberg said she plans to learn about the position more in-depth and to be part of the position for a while before setting future goals.

“Right now, it’s about listening to the CIC members and going through the groundwork Karen (Mauch) has laid,” she said. “I don’t have any major changes I want to make right now, but this position does give me the opportunity to have my own ideas.”

Hamberg said her short-term goals include listening to the community’s voice.

“My goals right now would have to be finding out what the community needs and getting there,” she said.

“Also, finding what is in the best interest of the community and what they would like to see.”

Hamberg noted the challenges involved with the position — something she said drew her to the job.

“This is all about the development of the community, the role that this plays and the challenges,” she said. “I like these challenges, and I think this is an appropriate fit.”