Local Makes Trip To RNC

ST. MARYS — A Roughrider alum recently traveled to Tampa to take part in an event that helped her learn more about politics.

Shelby Core, a sophomore at Ohio Northern University and a 2011 Memorial High School grad, attended the Republican National Convention last week as a way to get first-hand experience in the political process. A political science major, Core worked with the Ohio delegation at the convention.

“I thought this would be a good opportunity because I thought I wanted to possibly hold a public office,” Core told The Evening Leader. “This would be a good way to go down, get a foot in the door and see what I would be doing in the future. That’s why I went down.”

While in Tampa, Core got to experience the outer bands of Hurricane Isaac. However, she noted the storm was not all it was cracked up to be in the national media.

“It wasn’t that bad,” Core said. “We talked to a bunch of locals and they said every time a storm comes, the news makes it a bigger deal than it is ... It rained a little bit and that was the extent of it.”

Once the RNC got rolling, Core assisted with the Ohio delegation and Congressional leaders, and its activities. Much of her day was spent at the delegation’s hotel and working with various officials.

“We were stationed at a hotel and were working there with the Ohio Republican Party,” Core said. “The first night we didn’t have access to go to the forum. On Wednesday night, we could go in and we got seating to watch the speakers. It was just awesome.”

Core got to see a slate of speakers who included Condoleezza Rice and Vice Presidential Candidate Paul Ryan.

The experience helped Core gain a better understanding of the convention process.

“I was surprised about all the behind-the-scenes and how much time it takes to get ready,” Core said. “They have to have every single detail in place. Just working with the Ohio Republican Party, a lot goes into that, so there is just a ton that goes into the actual convention.”

The trip also allowed Core to vet any future careers.

“When I came down here, I was all for the possibility of being a senator,” Core said. “Now maybe I want to do something smaller. I also learned it’s not just about what I want to do, it’s more of if I can help.”

During the trip, Core got the chance to meet members of Congress as well as judges and attorneys from Ohio’s delegation. Those meetings also helped open the door to possible future opportunities.

“I spoke to some judges here and they have given me some advice on what to do and what classes to take,” Core said. “They are inviting us if we want to come watch them do cases. There are just tons of other options I want to explore. A lot of people down here have offered to give us internships or watch them or help campaign for them so we can get all the different aspects of politics and get into our niche. It’s exciting.”

Core also reflected on the opportunity to speak with several prominent Republicans in a one-on-one setting.

“I got pictures with Newt Gingrich and talked to Rick Perry and Rick Santorum,” Core said, noting she also got to talk with U.S. Sen. Rob Portman. “It was interesting because the person who talked to us the longest was Rick Perry. There are four of us and he took the time and talked about how he lived on a farm. My family lives on a farm, and it was cool to relate and that he spent that much time talking to us and thanking us for volunteering.”