Local Bakes Tasty Treats

NEW BREMEN — Those who claim reality television does no good in the world have never tasted Sawyer Williams’ cupcakes.

Inspired by Cake Boss and Cupcake Wars, the New Bremen High School student started baking cupcakes in his kitchen and since has been asked for a steady supply of the sweet treats by family and friends for special occasions including graduation parties and birthday parties.

This year, he was asked to make the GOBA bicycle logo in cupcakes as a centerpiece for the event that will bring 3,000 cyclists to New Bremen.

Williams, who calls his venture Will-Yums Cupcakes, prides himself on offering a variety of unusual flavors including snickerdoodle, cookies and cream, peanut butter surprise, red velvet, pancake with maple buttercream, cherry chip cake with cherry frosting, orange creamsicle, marshmallow flower, banana with cinnamon cream cheese frosting, strawberry milkshake, peanut butter hightops, mocha caramel cappucino, lemonade, s’more, cookie dough, black forest and turtle cupcakes.

He provided cupcakes for the Team Oliver Zumba Party to raise money for a local child’s seizure dog, sends them with his mom to the YMCA where she works, and tests out new flavors on friends at school.

“I really just do it to make people happy,” Williams said. “I like seeing them smile.”

If pressed about what he considers fair, he suggests about $9 per dozen because one set of cupcakes can be extremely intricate, and are a reflection of the many cupcakes baked and ingredients used in an attempt to perfect the recipe.

Plus the treats are labor-intensive. An order of marshmallow flowers, for example, can take him six hours if he doesn’t have everyone in his family helping, he said.

The family has all started pitching in, however, with his mother and father cutting and dipping decorative flower petals, and Williams’ mother doubling as designated dishwasher.

Williams’ twin brother Seth, he said, is the chief taste tester of the original creations.

“He’s not afraid to say if it tastes bad, either,” Williams said.

While originally Williams said he wanted to make cakes, he said he wasn’t patient enough for cake, so he tried cupcakes, scouting out recipes online, from books and even inventing his own.

Peanut butter surprise, he said, is his own creation inspired by his family’s love of the flavor combination.

“I like to see what goes well together,” he said.

If something doesn’t work, he asks people what aspects could be improved, and tries to tweak the ingredients to get the effect.

His favorite cupcake, he said, is cookies and cream.

“I always make it, and that’s the one I suggest to people if they ask me what I like,” he said.

One day Williams said he hopes to own his own cupcake business, and his goal is eventually to sell locally, although he’s already busy with band, his job at New Bremen Coffee and Books, and school.

He calls the cupcakes a hobby that he wants to one day make a career.

People who want to follow Williams’ adventures in baking, suggest new flavor combinations, or who need specialty cupcakes, can “like” his Will-Yums Cupcakes page on Facebook or call 419-953-9757.