Library OKs Projects

ST. MARYS — A list of building and grounds improvements is in the works for the St. Marys Community Public Library, as the Board of Trustees approved a handful of recommendations from the library’s building committee at their meeting Wednesday afternoon.

Five recommendations were presented to the board. The first recommendation called for fixing the bearings in the main air conditioner above St. Marys Community Public Library Director Sue Pittman’s office for a cost of $1,198, in addition to fixing the main air conditioner, which had failed since the building committee meeting, for a cost of $1,500. Board members approved a motion to fix the two items.

Building committee members also recommended the gingko trees be removed because of the damage the trees are causing to the sidewalks for a cost of $1,000 for four trees.

“There is a fifth tree that we might need to take, and it’s out front here,” Pittman said. “When they were here, they thought that it could possibly be pushing up the sidewalk. It happens to be the Eldon Montague Honorary Tree, so I called Eldon, and he said he’s not sentimental, if it’s creating a problem, take it down.”

The city of St. Marys will remove four of the five trees along South Street for no charge. Board Member Ruth Ramsey noted the board received several quotes, all coming in at around $1,000, to remove the four gingko trees, stumps included. Board members approved a motion to spend up to $1,300 to take down the four gingko trees in addition to the Eldon Montague Honorary Tree if it is deemed to be causing a problem with the sidewalk.

To go along with the tree removal, the building committee recommended that the sidewalks along South Street, Chestnut Street and in front on the library be replaced.

“We have two bids for that,” Ramsey said. “One of them is a little over $3,600, and that includes the certain spaces that the city recommended that we have replaced. We asked for an additional bid for doing the whole thing, and that together was around $8,100.”

The second bid would replace the library’s sidewalk along South Street, Chestnut Street and under the gingko trees, while the first bid would only replace the specific spaces that the city recommended be replaced.

“The building committee recommended that we repair the sidewalks per what the city recommended, but I, as chairman of the building committee, would like to amend that to replace all the problem areas,” Ramsey said, noting that replacing the entire sidewalk at once will ensure that it is even and will take care of all the problems.

Board members approved a motion to replace all the sidewalks.

In its fourth recommendation, the building committee called for one of the floor outlet covers in the meeting room be replaced for $93. Two additional outlet covers are dented and will also need to be replaced in the future. Board members decided to table the decision to look for another cheaper option.

Waxing the tile floors throughout the library was the final recommendation of the building committee. The floors in the copy room, meeting room kitchen, restroom in the staff lounge and the hallway outside the staffing lounge will receive three coats of wax and the floors will be buffed to harden the wax for a cost of $481.48. Board members approved the recommendation and are waiting for another quote to wax the remainder of the tile floors in the library.

“The reason that we don’t have a quote for the whole thing is because the tile is different, and he wanted to make sure that he could find the right kind of stuff to clean it, wax it and do it properly,” Ramsey said.

In other business, board members:

• Approved the August meeting minutes.

• Approved the financial report.

• Approved a list of supplemental appropriations.

• Approved a motion to allow Fiscal Officer Stephanie Hoffer to enroll the library in online billing.

• Approved a renewal contract with Delta Energy.

• Agreed to hear a second opinion on the library’s insurance options from Stolly Insurance.

• Approved the purchase of two new children’s literacy computers.

The next regular meeting of the St. Marys Community Public Library Board of Trustees will be held at 3:30 p.m. Oct. 10 at the library.