Library Hosts Craft Event

ST. MARYS — Children filled the meeting room at a local library to create a piece of their own on Thursday.

As part of the St. Marys Community Public Library’s summer reading program, children were able to create a necklace or bracelet to take home with them.

“We are doing beads today,” Youth Services Coordinator Paula Drummond said. “We focused on Africa this week, so we’re making beaded necklaces/bracelets.”

So far during the summer reading program, which kicked off June 13, each week had an international theme.

“Last week we did Asia, and we made fish windsocks,” Drummond said.

The children wrapped up their week on Thursdays, with a craft every Thursday morning that coordinated with a theme.

“Next week, for Mexico, it’s a pinata made from a paper bag,” Drummond said.

She noted the library has had a good turnout this year.

“Everything is part of the summer reading program,” she said. “We’ve had a really good year, and it’s been a lot of fun. We have something for everyone, from age 2 to 18.”

The activities range from story time for ages 2 to 5, to teen book groups and a book group for children in grades four to six.

“Mondays are for all ages and craft days on Thursdays are for all ages,” Drummond said.

She noted the craft days net a large group of kids.

“We average between 60 and 70 kids,” Drummond said, noting for the first craft day, during which they made masks, they had 50 set-ups prepared but needed to make an additional 20 to accommodate for the children in attendance. “They can pop in and do their thing — it’s a make it, take it.”

The craft starts at 11 a.m. on Thursdays.

“We’ll be here until 12 — some kids may take five minutes, while others may take 45 minutes to do it,” Drummond said.

Sisters Amanda Godinho and Carly Overley — who sat with their sister Claire Overley and friend Katrina Monbeck  — said they have been to the craft events earlier this month.

“Yeah, we did the mask,” Amanda said.

Carly added they also were present at last week’s day.

“We made the windsock,” she said.

Carly said the necklaces was her favorite craft yet and noted she enjoys visiting the library.

“I like to get books,” the 7-year-old said.