Kindergartners Celebrate

NEW KNOXVILLE — From days of the week and months of the year to numbers and letters, New Knoxville kindergarten students showed off all they learned in their first year of school to a crowd of friends and family Wednesday afternoon for the annual Kindergarten Celebration.

“We just want to show off a little bit and tell you what we’ve learned in kindergarten this year,” kindergarten teacher Tammy Samuel said.

The performance, she said, is broken into three acts. In the first act, the students gave examples of the many things they learned. Samuel asked the students to tell the audience something they learned this year.

“I learned the days of the week,” one student said before the kindergarten students recited the days of the week.

The students also recited the months of the year, played popcorn with their birthday month, counted to 100 by tens and fives and counted to 30 by twos.

The second act of the Kindergarten Celebration showcased a handful of songs the students had learned. The students first sang the National Anthem before taking out their props for a handful of songs they learned in class.

“The next couple of songs that we’d like to sing for you are from our science curriculum,” Samuel said. “We have songs to go with our lessons.”

The kindergarten students displayed cutouts of clouds, stars, the sun and the moon for “Look Up,” a song about what is in the sky, before performing “Earth’s Land.”

They picked up a bright-colored scarf from under their seats to use for the next song, which helped students with their listening skills.

The kindergarten students took out their letters for the next song.

“One of the best things we’ve learned this year is our letters,” Samuel said. “We know them all and we can do lots of things with them.”

Samuel said the students can read and write with their letters and challenged them to make a word with the letters they were holding, spelling “supercalifragilistic.”

They then sang “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.” The final song of the second act had a patriotic theme.

“Part of our social students curriculum is national symbols, so we painted our national symbol and learned a patriotic song to go along with it,” Samuel said before the students sang “You’re a Grand Old Flag,” waving the flag they painted.

After a quick costume change, the students returned to present Nancy Shaw’s “Sheep on a Ship,” dressed as sheep. The students utilized a variety props, including a blue sheet for waves and a ship, as they read the story to the audience.

Following the third act, the students enjoyed cookies with their friends and family in attendance. Samuel praised the students and all they have accomplished throughout the school year.

“The kids have learned so much,” she said. “They’ve done such an awesome job. I’ve had a great time getting to know them.”