Investigation Continues In Cases

CELINA — The investigation into a double homicide and home invasion in Mercer County continues.

In a news release, Mercer County Sheriff Jeff Grey said the investigation into the homicides of Robert Grube and Colleen Grube on Nov. 29 and 30, near Fort Recovery, and the home invasion of Kathy and William Fair, near Mendon, are still  being investigated. The two cases have not been linked although there are several similarities to the crimes.

Detective Doug Timmerman has been assigned the lead on the Grube investigation and Detective Lance Crum is the lead on the Fair home invasion. Agents from the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation are assisting in both investigations and continue to actively work with Mercer County detectives. Several items of evidence remain at the state crime labs on the Grube case and several items from the Fair case have been submitted. 

In the Grube case, it is evident at least one male and female were present at the time. It is possible there were more.  In the Fair case, according to witnesses, there were two males and one female. One male and one female wore masks over their faces while the second male did not. Witnesses also described the vehicle at the Fair crime scene as a dark-colored, “boxy” SUV with loud exhaust.

The sheriff’s office has received nearly 100 tips in the past week. Citizens continue to call in suspicious activity and vehicles with that fit the description the vehicle described. 

“Citizens are doing their part to help us catch those responsible,” Grey said in the release.

A suspicious vehicle call on Saturday evening led to an e-mail being sent out that has some in the community alarmed. “People should not create emails based on speculation and forward it on, this only creates fear in the community and causes us to redirect our resources into explaining rumors,” Grey said. “When we have information that can help the public locate an offender or that the public needs to know to keep themselves safe, we will release the information through the news media, our Facebook page, and Nixle.”

The Saturday evening call started at 8:27 p.m. when the sheriff’s office received a call of a vehicle with loud exhaust on Ohio 119. There was no description of the vehicle, other than a loud exhaust and it had went through the area slowly multiple times.

A deputy was dispatched to the area to attempt to locate the vehicle. At 9:03 p.m., another call came in the area of Ohio 119 and U.S. 127. This call reported that a male was seen near a barn at a residence. The resident of the property stated he was asked by the male to come over to him, but when the resident ask who he was there was no reply.

The male simply said he just wanted to stay in the garage for a little bit. The resident did not see a vehicle but when he entered the house to call the sheriff’s office he heard a loud vehicle drive by.The male suspect was not seen after that.

“While incidents of this nature certainly heighten concern at this point, there is no indication that this is related to either the Grube case or the Fair case,” Grey said. “We encourage people to continue to contact the sheriff’s office or their local police department when they see or hear something suspicious, but we ask that people refrain from sending e-mails that will alarm an already concerned public. We will keep the public informed.”