Humane Society Marks Cat Month

WAPAKONETA — In recognition of Adopt-a-Cat Month, many animal shelters around the nation are offering special incentives in June for those wanting to add a cuddly ball of fur to their family.

For those considering cat adoption, there are plenty of kitties in need of a loving home at the Auglaize County Humane Society in Wapakoneta, said Mandy Fouse, animal caretaker and adoption assistant.

“We have a couple of things going on,” she said. “Our first one is two-for-one kitty adoptions — it’s two kittens for the price of $100. It includes a spay or neuter, the booster vaccines and the de-worming of the kittens. We’ve got a cute, little saying that goes with that: ‘Double your pleasure, double your fun, adopt two kittens for the price of one.’”

During the month of June, adult cat adoptions are $25, she added, which are regularly $50. As a third incentive, already spayed or neutered cats coming into the humane society in June, whether surrendered or stray, can be adopted for $10. All adoptions include spaying or neutering, booster vaccines and de-worming.

The Auglaize County Humane Society has observed Adopt-a-Cat Month for many years, Fouse said.

“We usually do have some cat specials,” she said. “This shelter has been doing it for 25 years at least. Last year, because we had so many kittens, we had a kitten palooza, and basically we were giving out a whole round of supplies with the cat — the litter, the box, the scoop, the kitten food.”

During the summer months, large volumes of cats and dogs come in to the humane society, Fouse said. Currently, there are 54 cats up for adoption and 63 dogs.

“There are actually more adult cats than there are kittens right now, and we’re kind of just keeping our head above water with the cats,” she said. “We really need to give some of them homes. We haven’t been able to take cats in for the last month just because of how full we are.”

While adult cats do outnumber the kittens available for adoption, Fouse said there are still more kittens than usual for the season.

“The springtime will bring in just a ton of kittens and then usually by the time summer hits, we really start picking up with adoptions,” she said. “I can’t believe we still have kittens.”

Fouse spoke of some of the perks of owning a cat as opposed to other types of pets, noting cats could be ideal for a family on the go.

“Cats are definitely much more low maintenance than dogs — they’re almost completely independent,” she said. “They don’t require as much. If somebody is gone for 12 hours a day at a job, it would be great for them to have a cat versus having a dog — just the time factor.”

In fact, if someone is planning to adopt one cat, Fouse suggested considering adopting two.

“They always tell you that you should have pets in pairs of two because they do get lonely,” she said.

“They’re so playful and when you’re gone at work during the day, you know, who else do they have to play with but just themselves? You might notice a little more hair, depending on what you get, but really it’s not that much of a difference to take care of — you just put a little more food in the bowl, a little more litter in the box.”

Adopting a cat from a humane society also tends to ensure a more healthy animal, Fouse noted, as opposed to taking in stray cat or one from a pet shop.

“With rescuing cats from a humane society, these cats have already been examined and are deemed not to have a whole bunch of health issues that you would possibly pick up from a cat that you just took off of the streets without having it checked out first,” she said.

For more information or to adopt a pet, visit the Auglaize County Humane Society at 616 N. Dixie Highway, Wapakoneta, call 419-738-7808 or visit

The humane society is open from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday; noon to 4 p.m. Wednesday and noon to 3 p.m. Sunday.

Those interested in adopting cats also may contact Sue’s Animal Rescue Team (SART) at 419-733-3650 or by visiting its website at