Hometown Locker Room Keeps It Cool

Assistant Editor

A new season means a few new items on the menu for the Hometown Locker Room.

Co-owner Shelby Wiechart said the restaurant was looking for a way to help keep people cool and fed during the hot summer months when customers might not be very interested in having a hot meal.

“We brought in some cold subs and milkshakes thinking that might be nice for people who are not wanting something hot,” she said. 

Introduced last week, the subs and shakes have been a hit, Wiechart added. She also noted that Hometown Locker Room reintroduced a lasagna dish that is available for order. 

The subs come in eight-inch buns and a variety of flavors including Italian, ham and cheese, turkey and turkey club with buns of either white or wheat bread. Milkshakes are made with hand-scooped ice cream and hungry St. Marians can select from vanilla, chocolate and strawberry and come in medium and large sizes.

The new and reintroduced items help keep people coming back to the Locker Room — something Wiechart said she has been grateful for throughout the stay at home order. 

She said she was thankful for the support the restaurant has received through delivery and carry-out orders.

“Everybody has been very very good about supporting the community,” she said. “Our community is fantastic.”

She is hopeful that the rules for the stay-at-home order will relax as July rolls around because she is looking forward to opening up the dining room but added carry out and delivery will still be options, even after dine-in returns.

Wiechart did note that Hometown Locker Room will be closed for a week, starting Sunday, while she and her family take a vacation but all the new items — and hopefully indoor dining — will be back up and running when they return on July 5.

Hometown Locker Room can be found on Facebook and orders can be placed over the phone at 419-394-0130. A menu can be found on the restaurant’s website, HometownLockerRoom.com.