Holy Smokes, that's good barbeque

Staff Writer

One New Bremen native is turning up the heat on a new business venture. Adam Suchland, owner of Holy Smokes and Barbeque, has turned his hobby into a new food service for everyone to enjoy, and so far he says he hasn’t heard any complaints.
The business unofficially started a few years back when he made pulled pork for him and his wife. The process of smoking the pork takes 14 hours and after only producing 4 pounds for themselves, he determined that if they do it again, he was going to make extra and see if anyone at work would be interested in some.
“I started doing that and they started critiquing me so I started changing my rubs, changing my process and it just got busier and busier,” Suchland recalled. “They always wanted it and their friends wanted it, then people at the bank wanted it and the gas station; it just got to the point where, with the smoker that I had, I couldn’t keep up with everything.”
After talking with his wife, he made the purchase of a 14.5-foot long smoker trailer, equipped with grills and sinks.
Holy Smokes and Barbeque earned its name last year after Suchland provided his first large order to his church, Holy Redeemer Catholic Church, and saw the name they were advertising his barbeque as, Adam Suchlands Famous Pulled Pork. The request came after Father Thomas Dorn told church committee members he wanted the pork at an event they were having.
“I’m like, I need to come up with a name,” Suchland said. “Since my church was the first to order over 100 pounds, I wanted to kind of commemorate that and it just popped into my head, ‘Holy Smokes and Barbeque.’”
His wife, who works as a graphic designer, created the logo. Business has been good for the smoker, which is what has pushed him to take it to the next level. He put in his two weeks at his current job to focus all of his energy on Holy Smokes, and his first big project is coming up this weekend.
Suchland, who received his food food license from the health department a week and a half ago, plans to start serving his famous pulled pork at the New Bremen American Legion.
“Not too long ago they started carrying [Moeller] Brew Barn beer, so they are looking for ways to get people in,” Suchland said. “They got the craft beer, and I was thinking, ‘you know pulled pork would pair real well with craft beer.’ Instead of ordering a pizza sub, people will now have the opportunity to get pulled pork sandwiches with it.”
He mentioned the legion is hoping to have his pulled pork on their daily menu and every once in awhile offering other items like his brisket, ribs or chicken.
Something that makes his pulled pork stand out, he says, is that he doesn’t use barbeque sauce, and that his method is nontraditional. Suchland mentioned that he trims off all of the fat before putting the meat into the smoker.
“It’s going to be healthier than pulled pork you get anywhere else and then with it being so juicy I don’t have to add barbeque sauce so there’s no sugar, there’s no carbs,” Suchland said. “It’s just a technique that I came up with, kind of by mistake but it worked.”
Not only is his technique something that makes him stand out, but his prices do as well. He sells his pulled pork for $7 per pound; something Suchland says is very cost effective compared to some competitors.
There also doesn’t need to be a special occasion for someone to order his product. There is a 2-pound minimum for orders, but families can order 2 pounds and up to fit whatever they need, and his orders come quick.
“The stuff is usually sold before the smoke’s done and then I make arrangements on when they can pick it up, or I can make a delivery for them,” Suchland said.
There is no limit on where he will sell to, he added. He has received orders from as far away as Oak Hill, a few orders in Columbus, as well as some in Lima and Ada.
“As long as I can get you the pork or we can meet someplace, I’m willing to meet with you,” Suchland mentioned. “I actually have people in Texas and California who are wondering how they can get it out there because they’ve heard so much about it.”
The word is getting out there, Suchland added. While he doesn’t like to brag about the product too much, he has heard from customers that even those who don’t like pulled pork like his pulled pork.
“I have people tell me that their kids, their 8-year-old, is asking for that really good pulled pork,” Suchland said. “So when I can get an 8-year-old on it, I think I can get just about anybody on it.”
Anyone interested in ordering pulled pork from Suchland can call or text him at 614-579-4955.