'Haphazardly Ever After' to be Performed Saturday

Elizabeth Baende (left), Cassandra McGue (center) and Joseph Baende (right) rehearse a scene in "Haphazardly Ever After," Tuesday night. The play will have two performances on Saturday, 2 p.m. and 7:30 p.m.
Staff Writer

Saturday afternoon and evening will feature two showings of a fairy tale comedy by the New Knoxville Drama Club. According to the play's description, 'Haphazardly Ever After' follows King Barnabas and Queen Mildred as they try to figure out a way to get their obnoxious, bratty adult children to move out of the castle.

The mean Princess Cinnamon, the not-so-bright Princess Peppermint, the vain Prince Hairgel and the lazy Prince Slacker are not living up to their royal titles and push their parents to attempt a do-it-yourself spell to create their own fairy tale.

The play — which includes a matinée for young children — is directed by Nancy Fiegel, who encourages community members of all ages to come see the show. She said children can come tho the early show in their Halloween costume and can even meet the cast after the show.

For Fiegel, she said the hardest part as the director has been juggling the multiple schedules of her cast and crew. Between the other clubs students are involved in and with the fall sports seasons continuing for soccer and volleyball continuing past the regular season, having enough people for a full run-thru of the show is a challenge.

"I have to worry about scholastic bowl, the golf team, soccer team, cross country, volleyball so just trying to find time is almost impossible," she said. "We've done a lot of plays in the past that are just a collection of scenes because it's easier to schedule if you put all the volleyball girls, for example, in one scene so when they're not playing, they can come practice together."

Despite the scheduling issues, the cast is prepared to put on a show that they guarantee will be worth the time.

The first show beings at 2 p.m. Saturday with a second performance at 7:30 p.m. with both performances taking place in the school's small gym. Tickets are $2 for preschoolers and $5 for kindergarten and older.