Hang out with Hang Time

 Sarah Steinbrecher
Jenna Gilbert
Staff Writer

For the last five years, the band Hang Time, out of Columbus, has been performing at festivals and parties all over Ohio and this Friday they are coming to New Bremen as part of the Golden Triangle Concert Series.
Chaz Mechenbier, guitar and vocals for the band, has played with several bands during his career as a musician, some of which played at Bremenfest. When he decided to step out on his own, that’s when Hang Time, along with a few others, came together.
“This particular band, Hang time, is the medium sized band,” Mechenbier said. “We play a smaller group, which is Nicki Baker and myself, just as a duo, and we have a larger band that does weddings, corporate events, called the JuJuBees. So Hang Time is our fun, festival, party band.”
According to Mechenbier, the band came together from playing around Columbus. He guesses there are around 300 semi-pro or part time musicians in the city with each of them been playing in the city since the “Hey Day” of the 80s.
“I formed a couple of different groups and five years ago I found this fabulous combination of people who really sing well. That’s the key thing in our group, we love to sing harmony,” Mechenbier recalled.
Each member of the band can play a plethora of instruments. Mechenbier plays guitar, bass, harmonica and mandolin while Mike Shoaf plays bass, piano and sings.
Hang Time specializes in playing music everyone wants to hear. Playing oldies and today’s hits allows for anyone who attends their concert to hear something they are guaranteed to enjoy. And they love to hear requests. If fact, they encourage attendees to try to stump them with something they may not know. Artists they cover range from Lady Antebellum, Journey, Adele, Eric Clapton and many more.
“We like to play the songs they want to hear so we pick our favorite songs from the 50s and 60s. And everyone my age loves music from the 70s because we’re hippies,” he joked. “But I still love listening to today’s popular music because you can pick any style you want.”
As for their own music, they got a little bit of that, too. Hang Time is working on their first album which they plan to take to Nashville because of its thriving music industry.
“There is so much neat influence coming out of Nashville today in terms of production techniques and the sounds so we have five great original songs,” Mechenbier said.
Their EP, containing those five songs, will be available at their concert on Friday. Audience members can also request to hear their original songs this Friday if they choose.
Mechenbier wants to encourage everyone to come to the show and participate in the fun atmosphere they guarantee will be there.
“We’re going to have an Air Guitar Contest with real air guitar,” Mechenbier joked. “Come out and show us your best dance moves and try to stump us with your music requests with any style of music, from MoTown to country to modern.”
For more information about Hang Time visit HangTimeBand.com. Information about the concert can be found at Auglaize.org/Event-Calendar. The concert starts at 6:30 p.m. and will be at the Crown Pavilion in New Bremen.