Groups Looking To Aid In Tornado Relief

Staff Writer

Some local groups are doing their part to help their neighbors out.


Rev. Tim Benjamin has released notice that Wayne Street United Methodist Church will be meeting at the church at 6 p.m. Wednesday to travel to Celina to help with debris removal. He also stated that the church is planning to cook food for the victims and in an effort to feed “as many people as we can.”


“I’d like to help all of the people affected, if we could,” said Benjamin. “We just want to something to be involved. We all see things like this happen all over the world and say, ‘gosh, it’s too far away for me to do anything.’ Well, Celina is just 12 miles down the road. If people want to get involved, this is their chance to do something to help.”


Organized with the help of Mission Team Leader Toby Hertenstein, Wayne Street Church will start by cooking meals at the church at 4 p.m. Those looking to donate food are asked to bring “anything you’d take to a cookout,” to the church where it will be prepared, packaged and transported. Benjamin said the current list of items includes hotdogs, buns, chips, cookies and water but if people want to bring other foods, they are welcome to do so.


“Our hope is to help clear out some debris and we’re going to fix supper here to serve to whoever wants to come,” he said. “We just want to give everyone a chance at a hot meal.”


Additionally, Fowler's TV and St. Marys Chrysler are accepting donations of dry goods to take to storm victims. Donations will be accepted until 5 p.m. Wednesday.