Grand Lake Skate USA to Open to Public for Summer Season

Although the speed skating season was canceled for 2020 because of coronavirus, the Grand Lake Skate USA roller rink will be open to the public this summer.
Staff Writer

Grand Lake Skate USA is going to do its best to open back up to the public soon.

Owner Daniel Moore said he believes his roller rink has been given the go-ahead to open back up and is in contact with the Auglaize County Health Department to figure out what needs to be done.

Moore said the roller rink has lost around $45,000 in revenue since it had to shut down in March due to the coronavirus pandemic.

He said the rink normally closes in mid-June in previous years, but this year has been far from normal for anything. 

“From September to May, you really try to get yourself paid up to October to handle the summer months and the beginning of the skate season to be able to operate,” said Moore. “Right now, we’re about $10,000 short. We can withstand a slow time, but to be completely shutdown is just difficult.”

To try and recoup the losses, Grand Lake Skate USA will be open this summer.

“It being the summer time, our numbers are normally low anyway because usually we’re only open until mid-June anyway,” said Moore. “We’re going to try and push through the summer and see what we can do. We’re going to try and open back up and take a swing at it and hopefully get ourselves position to be okay. Right now everything is kind of up in the air.”

Moore said that he’s seen four or five roller rinks in the state permanently shutdown during the pandemic because they weren’t able to keep up with the operating costs.

“I understand why everything happened,” he said. “In the roller rink business, you don’t expect a pandemic to close you down and possibly put you out of business. A lot of roller rinks have closed permanently because of this. Some of those rinks had loans, they had mortgage payments that were high. Even though they were closed, the operating costs are high to run the facility.”

Moore said that he’s in the process of buying the building and he has a mortgage payment like everyone else, adding that the person he is purchasing it from has been working with him and not charging him the full amount of the agreement.

There will have to be changes made to the rink, Moore said. A sneeze guard will have to be installed and the volunteers will have to wear masks and also gloves, when appropriate.

When its reopened, the roller rink will be open on Friday and Saturday nights from 7 p.m. to 10:30 p.m.

“Once we get it open, just come out and support us because we’re going to need it,” said Moore. “I’d appreciate it.”